Special Programs and Initiatives

Special Programs & Initiatives

The Latin American Social and Public Policy Program of the Center for Latin American Studies addresses the need to equip future leaders, public officials, and analysts with the skills necessary to design and implement social and public policy programs appropriate to development in the Latin American and Caribbean region.

The Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS) and the European Studies Center (ESC) at the University of Pittsburgh are jointly working on developing a Program in Luso-Sphere Studies.

The Amazon encompasses half the planet’s extant and the most diverse rainforest as well as variety of ecoregions including savanna and alpine tundra. More than 30 million people inhabit the area, including at least six million indigenous peoples organized in thousands of communities.

The China-Latin America Research Initiative (CLARI) is a joint effort of researchers from the United States, China, and Latin America to explore the contemporary and historical forces that shape the Pacific World.