Graduate Admissions

Graduate Enrollment

All students must be admitted to a school or department of the University of Pittsburgh before they can be accepted into a Latin American studies program or become eligible for funding offered by CLAS.

Students who wish to study at the graduate level should note that the University of Pittsburgh is a decentralized institution and applications to each of its Graduate Professional Schools (for example, Business, Education, Law, Public Health, Public & International Affairs) and each of its departments in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (for example, Anthropology, Economics, Hispanic Languages & Literatures, History, Political Science) are managed by the separate units. Therefore, students must apply directly to the department or school in which they wish to complete their advanced degree.

Applicants are responsible for assembling and submitting all credentials necessary for the evaluation of their candidacy as required by each school or department at the University of Pittsburgh. Admission deadlines vary but it is best to have completed applications for admission submitted by December of the year prior to the fall term in which the applicant wishes to begin study. For example, those interested in beginning classes in August/September should have submitted their application materials by December of the previous year.

Applicants from abroad must request that TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) scores and scores from any other required standardized tests (such as the GRE) be sent directly to the appropriate school or department. It is advisable to take the TOEFL as early as possible because scoring and processing requires a number of months.

Application to the Center for Latin American Studies may be sub­mitted at the same time as application to the University or after the student has been admitted. In either case, the Center cannot accept students until they have received notification of admission to the University. Students are encouraged to apply to Latin American Studies early in their studies although admission is open to students at any time during their academic training at the University of Pittsburgh. Upon acceptance by CLAS, students are given a detailed description of the requirements for the appropriate Latin American program.

To enroll in the Certificate on Latin American Studies or the Latin American Social and Public Policy Certificate, follow the instructions in the following link: Guide to enroll.

The cost of attending the University of Pittsburgh may be obtained via the university's web site or from the school; tuition and fees vary from school to school. Students from countries other than the United States can obtain a breakdown of costs from the­: Office of International Services, 708 William Pitt Union, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA 15260 USA or at their website.