Latin American Social Public Policy Program

The Latin American Social and Public Policy Program of the Center for Latin American Studies addresses the need to equip future leaders, public officials, and analysts with the skills necessary to design and implement social and public policy programs appropriate to development in the Latin American and Caribbean region. The program combines the resources of the internationally recognized Center for Latin American Studies with excellent master's and doctoral programs in the professional schools and policy-related disciplinary departments of the University of Pittsburgh. Among the potential topics that students enrolled in this program can pursue are: democratization, economic restructuring, public health, public administration, educational or judicial reform, ethnic and/or racial justice, technology and social change, environmental policy, and nutrition. Departments and professional schools in which students can enroll include: Anthropology, Economics, Hispanic Languages and Literatures, Linguistics, Political Science, Sociology, Katz Graduate School of Business, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, Graduate School of Public Health, School of Education, and the School of Law . Other departments or professional school programs may be proposed by students and their advisors. The Graduate Certificate in Latin American Social and Public Policy and the Latin American Social and Public Policy Fellowships are offered through the program.


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