Howard Alvarez

2023-2024 Outreach Graduate Student Assistant

Howard Alvarez is the Outreach/Engagement Graduate Student Assistant at the Center for Latin American Studies. He is also the Programs Administrator of the Pittsburgh Hispanic Development Corporation regarding Housing, Employment, and Community. He collects data to report the impact of these programs on the Latino community in the greater Pittsburgh region. He also manages educational activities at PHDC to inform and create advancement in the Hispanic community.


Howard has a Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign Affairs from the Central University of Venezuela, and he is a Graduate Student of the Master of Public and International Affairs from the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs (GSPIA) at the University of Pittsburgh. Howard enjoys involving himself in community issues to help and empower others. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Foreign Affairs from the Central University of Venezuela. During his studies, he was captain of the AUDAS - International Team of Spanish Debate - and faculty advisor of delegations for models of the United Nations in Venezuela, and other countries. Howard Alvarez is fluent in English and Spanish.


He has been working with public and private foreign affairs in Venezuela with intergovernmental organizations such as United Nations, international development banks, and funds as CAF - Latin American Development Bank, IDB - International Development Bank, OFID - OPEC Fund for International Development, or The World Bank, integration mechanism as MERCOSUR, bilateral and multilateral agreements, and Venezuelan and Colombian companies. Diplomacy, industry, commerce, finance, and public international law are his sectors of interest.


He is originally from Venezuela and likes to play tennis, and his passions are traveling, debates, communications, and human rights.