Our Club's Mission: 

The Latin American Graduate Organization of Students's (LAGOS) mission is to enhance student life for graduate and professional students who identify as Latin American, Latino/a/x, Hispanic, Afro-Latino/a/x (identified groups hereby referred to as Latinx), and/or are of such descent, and/or are interested in Latinx cultures at the University of Pittsburgh. LAGOS will accomplish this by providing a campus-wide structure that ensures a safe environment for all students while advocating for the social and academic needs in a culturally congruent fashion. LAGOS will meet such needs through social events, programming, and activism to ensure equality for Latinx students on campus. LAGOS stands as a non-partisan organization to ensure the broadest participation of its members and the highest diversity of the ideas exchanged within the community. The current officers, however, have the power to decide whether or not LAGOS will engage with any potentially sensitive situation that arises in the Latinx community worldwide.

Club meetings: 

We meet once per month.

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