Certificate in Latin American Studies

Certificate in Latin American Studies

The Graduate Certificate in Latin American Studies is a multidisciplinary program of study designed for students who want to graduate with a credential that indicates a specialization on this region of the world in addition to their master's or doctorate. Requirements for the Graduate Certificate in Latin American Studies:

■  Proficiency in Spanish or Portuguese or an Amerindian language of the region -- Ordinarily interpreted as a level of language proficiency equivalent to three years of college work. The student should be able to carry out research in the field and easily converse with native speakers. Proficiency may have been attained through class work or informal education. Proficiency will be determined through an exam conducted by a faculty member of the Department of Hispanic Languages and Literatures or Linguistics.

■  TWO (2) courses in the student's major department and FOUR (4) courses in at least two departments or schools outside the student's major -- Graduate students who are registered in a department or school in which Latin American area studies courses are not offered can complete the Latin American Certificate by taking 6 Latin American area courses in at least three separate schools/departments.

■  Interdisciplinary Research Paper in the Field of Latin American Studies -- The research paper should show interdisciplinary competence in the field of Latin American Studies; it should not be a narrow essay, circumscribed in scope to the limits of the candidate's major. Therefore, a candidate for the certificate is encouraged to write the research paper towards the end of his/her coursework—after some Latin American courses outside the major department have been completed. A master's thesis or a carefully designed research paper may serve as the certificate paper. The paper must be interdisciplinary, focus on a Latin American topic, and reflect good quality analytical research.

■  Receipt of Degree -- The graduate certificate in Latin American Studies will be awarded only after successful completion of the above-stated requirements and only after completion of all requirements for the master's degree or successful performance on the preliminary examinations for the doctorate.

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