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Certificate Information for Undergraduate and Graduate Students:

The number one priority of the Center for Latin American Studies is its students. CLAS seeks to expand and enrich resources on the Latin American and Caribbean region at the University of Pittsburgh in order to offer its students multidisciplinary academic training programs of the highest quality that complement a degree in a discipline or profession.

Undergraduate Programs:   
Graduate Programs:

To set-up an advising meeting with the CLAS Advisor go to:    


 Pitt Scholarships  

 Fund your graduate school, research, study abroad, and more! 
For more information and to apply click here:

Pitt's National Scholarship Mentors can help you craft competitive applications for national and international scholarships, fellowships, awards, and grants. 

Explore your scholarship options: Schedule a one on one appointment on Pitt Pathways with Lesha Greene, Josh Cannon, Dave Fraser, or Aidan Beatty. 

For more resources here:

Browne Leadership Fellows
Browne Leadership Fellows Program 2020 Application is open! 
The Browne Leadership Fellows Program is an interdisciplinary fellowship aimed at preparing students to be engaged civic leaders working for economic and social justice.

The fellows program in social work reflects our mission: to advocate for social policies and resources to meet basic human needs; to create accessible, responsible, and accountable human service programs; and to deliver quality services to those in need of support.  To apply here



The Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences Graduate Studies

Dean's Tuition Scholarships are a very limited number of tuition scholarships awarded by the Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences Office of Graduate Studies, typically for the final term of graduate studies. The primary criteria for such awards are financial need and academic achievement. Students with TA, TF, GSA, GSR, PROVISIONAL and SPECIAL graduate status are not eligible for these funds. Receiving TA, TF, GSA, or GSR support voids Dean's Tuition Scholarship. These scholarships cannot be provided for beginning students. Students who received a Dean's Tuition Scholarship previously are ineligible to receive it again except under special circumstances as discussed with Briea St. Clair. Priority is given to students who have exhausted all University of Pittsburgh and personal resources and who are required to be registered in order to receive a degree from the Dietrich School. This is a TUITION-ONLY SCHOLARSHIP; students are responsible for any other required fees.

Please download the Spring 2020 Dean's Tuition Scholarship Application. Applications can also be obtained from departmental graduate administrators or from 5141 Sennott Square. In additional to completed applications, a letter of recommendation from the student's advisor is required in order to be considered for this scholarship. The letter should comment briefly on the student's academic achievements, progress toward degree, anticipated completion and graduation dates, and financial need. Completed applications and letters of recommendation should be sent to the Dietrich School Office of Graduate Studies, 5141 Sennott Square.  For more information:


DR. JUAN ANDRADE JR. Scholarship

For Young Hispanic Leaders

 Application deadline November 30, 2019
For more information here


 Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) Program The Portuguese Language is open! 

The Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) Program is a summer study abroad opportunity for American college and university students to learn languages essential to America’s engagement with the world. 
Applications are due Tuesday, November 19, 2019 by 8:00pm EST.

For more information and to apply:



Fellowships opportunities! The Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation
The Woodrow Wilson Foundation has opened its 2020 competition for several fellowships that support either dissertation completion or junior faculty progress toward tenure. Recipients not only receive support for their work, but also join a 75-year-old network of some 27,000 Woodrow Wilson Fellows—a select group with an impressive collective record of scholarship, teaching, service, and public influence. 

For doctoral candidates completing dissertations:
The Charlotte W. Newcombe Doctoral Dissertation Fellowships  are designed to encourage original and significant study of religious and ethical values in fields across the humanities and social sciences, the 2020 Newcombe Fellowships are available to Ph.D. and Th.D. candidates who expect to complete their dissertation between April and August 2021. The competition deadline is November 15, 2019. Questions may be directed to

For junior faculty:
The Mellon Emerging Faculty Leaders Award supports tenure-track junior faculty as they work toward achieving tenure. Applicants must successfully pass their third-year review no later than January 31, 2020. The program is open to faculty in any field of the humanities or social sciences; preference will be given to those working on 20th- and 21st-century American history, politics, culture, and society, with emphases including African American issues, women’s issues, and/or higher education. 
The competition deadline is December 2, 2019. Questions may be directed to

WOLA Internship in Washington, DC!
Sally Yudelman Internship Program

WOLA’s Sally Yudelman Internship Program seeks to give interns hands-on experience and broad exposure to human rights advocacy and the foreign policy-making process.

Please submit all application materials via email to Cayla Spear at or on Handshake.

Deadlines: November 3 - Spring Internship (mid-January through May), selections will be made in mid-November.

For more information:

2019-20 Call for Proposals
Latin America in Translation/En Traducción/Em Tradução
In the English-speaking world, Latin Americans are more often written about than read. As a result, the educated public in the United States continues to learn most of
what it does know about the region from Latin Americanists who are themselves foreigners to the national realities they study.

Since October 1990, the UNC and Duke Consortium in Latin American and Caribbean Studies has undertaken an effort to address this imbalance by establishing an ongoing editorial series, “Latin America in Translation/En Traducción/Em Tradução.”
The Latin America in Translation Series is a joint initiative of the UNC and Duke Consortium, Duke University Press (DUP), and the University of North Carolina Press (UNCP) and is directed by an editorial committee of faculty members and editors from the three sponsoring institutions. Since 1993, more than 40 books have been published in the series with more forthcoming regularly.
The Series translates and publishes in English outstanding books in a wide range of fields by important Latin American writers and scholars. It helps to further dialogue
across academic communities in Latin America and the English-speaking world. And it brings Latin American content to students and scholars in other fields of study.
The books must have already been published in the original language. While most topics in the social sciences and humanities are considered, the committee gives
highest consideration to those works that, once translated, will be most likely to attract a significant readership in English. The committee does not normally select highly
specialized works that will likely be of interest mostly to scholars and professionals who can already read the book in the original language. The committee is particularly eager
to translate works that can be used effectively in the classroom.
Nonfiction has a much better chance of being selected than fiction or poetry. Those who submit works of literature, especially, should provide an explanation of potential
classroom use. In addition, the cost of translation can be substantial, so works more than 400 pages may exceed the amount of funding available.
Nomination Procedures:
Interested scholars are encouraged to nominate a title for consideration in the series; self-submissions are not invited. Only complete submissions will be accepted. Please
include the following:
1. A nomination letter from one or more people, other than the author, that addresses the book’s importance within Latin America and for an English language
audience, as well as its need for translation.
2. (Recommended) One or two particularly significant published reviews of the book with complete references for the sources.
3. A copy of the book (a PDF version is fine)
The deadline for submissions is Friday December 6, 2019. Incomplete submissions, or submissions postmarked after the deadline, will not be accepted. Please submit materials to, if by email.
Address to use if mailing through US Postal Service:
Latin America in Translation
Series, Center for Latin American & Caribbean Studies
Box 90254,
Durham, NC 27708-0254.

Address to use if mailing via Federal Express or another courier service:
Latin America in Translation Series, Center for Latin American & Caribbean Studies
Room 143
Franklin Center
Duke University
Durham, NC 27705.



What is the Human: Concepts and Controversies

Binghamton University Comparative Literature Graduate Conference

April 17, 2020

In the wake of environmental catastrophe, developing knowledge on animal and artificial intelligences, and the living legacy of coloniality, we are once again faced with these eternally recurring questions: What is the human? What is beyond the human? What are the consequences of shifting conceptualizations of the human? Many schools of thought examining eco-criticism, posthumanism, post-colonialism, and more now confront these previously established boundaries, interrogating the ways in which our construction of ‘the human’ and consciousness has left us blind to other agencies and existences in the world. Simultaneously, there are other post- and decolonial scholars who remind us that our limited definition of ‘human’ is not new; many people have been—and continue to be—left out of a definition of the human. The Binghamton University Comparative Literature Department seeks papers from a range of scholarly approaches which address these concerns. 

Abstracts of up to 300 words should be submitted to by January 17, 2020. Submission emails should include name, a brief bio, and your preferred pronouns. We invite work that engages with topics including, but not limited to:

  • Posthumanism/Transhumanism
  • Anthropocentrism/Anthropocene
  • Eco-criticism
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine translation
  • Postcolonialism
  • Decoloniality
  • Speculative fiction
  • Genocide/mass atrocity/human rights
  • Migration and boundaries
  • New Materialism
  • Futurisms
  • Critical race theory
  • Queer theory

Concurso internacional de ensayo 
Organizado por la Universidad Siglo 21

“Pensando el siglo XXI”

La Universidad Siglo 21 convoca a toda la comunidad académica y literaria a participar en el Concurso Internacional de ensayo “Pensando el siglo XXI”. Nuestro objetivo es alentar la generación y transmisión de ideas creativas e innovadoras, que aborden problemáticas de interés presente y futuro. Serán aceptadas todas aquellas obras que se encuadren dentro del formato habitual de un ensayo.

El trabajo ganador será premiado con 2000 dólares estadounidenses. 

Se podrán presentar trabajos que aborden alguna de las siguientes áreas:

  • Educación
  • Tecnología
  • Psicología
  • Política
  • Sociología
  • Humanidades
  • Negocios
  • Management
  • Economía
Deadline: Diciembre 20, 2019

Los/as interesados/as en participar pueden acceder a las bases del concurso en:


Advancing Management Research in Latin America Conference 
April 15-17, 2020

Hosted by IPADE Business School

 Mexico City, Mexico

Latin America (LATAM) is a unique and under explored region in terms of research. It is unique since its countries form part of four different regions: North America, Central America, Caribbean and South America; and through its rich history, culture, and various socioeconomic and political conditions, provide a relevant setting for management research and its application.
The purpose of the conference is to: 1) foster the development of research from Latin American scholars and institutions, 2) create opportunities for leading scholars to learn more about how their work relates to relevant issues that are embedded within the Latin America context, and 3) establish connections between management educators and scholars from Latin America with those from other parts of the world. The participation of international scholars and practitioners and the availability of academic activities that will take place in English, Spanish and Portuguese, provide an immersive experience that will foster the development of lasting research networks.


Call for submissions:

For more information and to register here:


A Student Journal of Social Relations


Contact Us:

Latin American Studies Asociation (LASA) 

Join LASA in Guadalajara, Mexico!

To learn more about upcoming Conferences, visit this link:

Dear CLAS Faculty,

The Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS) makes resources available for its affiliated faculty throughout the University.   For more information please visit our faculty link here:

Latin American Studies and Eduardo Lozano Collection News! 

University of Pittsburgh Library System Acquires Manuscripts
by Jorge Luis Borges

October 2019

The University Library System is pleased to announce the acquisition of four handwritten manuscripts by Jorge Luis Borges, the Argentine writer and poet. In addition to the Borges notebook previously acquired last year, these new items include two poems and two essays. Specifically, the manuscripts are El otro tigre (The Other Tiger), La nadería de la personalidad (The Nothingness of Personality), Poema conjetural (Conjectural Poem), and Anotación al 23 de agosto de 1944 (Annotation to the 23rd of August of 1944). In March of 2018, the ULS acquired the Cuaderno Avon (Avon notebook) and several loose accompanying pages (Páginas sueltas), which included the story La espera (The Wait) and notes for El escritor argentine y la tradición (The Argentine Writer and Tradition).
Jorge Luis Borges was born on August 24, 1899 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and died on June 14, 1986 in Geneva, Switzerland. He was a short-story writer, essayist, poet and translator, and is considered one of the foremost literary figures of the 20th century.
The addition of these exceptionally valuable manuscripts to the University Library System will contribute to the enrichment of the Eduardo Lozano Latin American Collection as well as the extensive collection of Borges’s original work held in different institutions including the University of Virginia Library, the New York Public Library, Michigan State University, the National Library of Spain, the Fondation Martin Bodmer in Geneva, and the Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas. 
These materials will be housed in Archives & Special Collections, which is one of western Pennsylvania’s largest repositories for archival manuscripts, rare books, photographs, maps and audio-visual materials. 
The Finding Aid can be accessed at:
Any Qestions? Please contact Librarian. Martha Mantilla at
CLAS Faculty News 

New Book : How “Indians” Think Colonial Indigenous Intellectuals and the
Question of Critical Race Theory

By Gonzalo Lamana


CLAS Faculty Poetry Book 2019

Dr.  Áurea María Sotomayor
Operación Funámbula: Antología personal (1973-2018)
Published by Amargord Ediciones (2019)

CLAS Faculty Book 2018

Dr. Carmelo Mesa-Lago
Voices of Change in Cuba
from the Non-State Sector
Published by University of Pittsburgh Press 2018

CLAS Faculty Book 2019

Dr. John Beverley
The Failure of Latin America: Postcolonialism in Bad Times
(University of Pittsburgh Press, 2019)  

CLAS Faculty Book 2019

Dr. Gina Garcia
Becoming Hispanic-Serving Institutions: Opportunities for Colleges and Universities.
(Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2019)

Let us know about events going on in the community! 
To submit events, visit:

Building New Hope Events---MARK YOUR CALENDARS

Building New Hope Appreciation Night (Nov 6th from 6:00pm to 8:00pm):
Building New Hope (BNH) is delighted to invite its donors, volunteers, and friends to an evening of appreciation for your contributions. Meet our new Executive Director, board members, and learn about our programs in Nicaragua. Light food and drinks, including El Porvenir coffee, will be served. Feel welcome to bring a friend or family. This event is free. For planing purposes please RSVP by November 4th at .
Chipotle Fundraising (Nov 12th, from 4:00pm to 8:00pm):
EAT FOR CHANGE, save the date. Please help us distribute this flyer and join us for a fundraiser at Chipotle on 5986 Centre Ave. in East Liberty on November 12th from 4:00pm to 8:00pm. Bring this flyer, show it on your smartphone or tell the cashier you are supporting the cause to make sure that 33% of the proceeds will be donated to Building New Hope.

EL CAMBIO QUE UNO CREA, Ayúdanos distribuyendo este panfleto para recaudar fondos el 12 de noviembre de 4:00pm a 8:00pm en el Chipotle localizado en 5986 Center Avenue. Presenta este volante, enséñalo en tu celular o dile al cajero que estás apoyando a la causa con el fin de asegurar que el 33% de los ingresos se done a Building New Hope. 


November 7 

Export Documentation

Are you complying with the U.S. export administration regulations and ITAR? Do you want your export transactions to be profitable?
Topics include:
Managing the Export Transaction
Quoting Export Orders
Implementing Incoterms 2010
Export Insurance
Save $100 with the code export2019!
*Register before October 19th.
To register and for more information here

LeeAnne Haworth, U.S. Commercial Service
Brent Rondon, Duquesne University SBD
Chas Watson, RL Swearer - Freight Forwarders and Custom Brokers
David Wilke, Wilke & Associates, CPAs
Duquesne University
Rockwell Hall, Room 108
600 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15282


The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh hosts various clubs, classes, and conversation groups related to Spanish. These including "Spanish for Beginners," "Spanish Conversation," and "Spanish II."

To browse events related to Spanish offered by the library, click here:
These classes are for adult learners and are FREE.
You do not have to register for the classes or bring anything.
New participants are welcome at any time.


Let's Speak English

If English is not your first language and you would like a place to practice, come to the Library! Join other non-native English speakers for friendly, low-stress conversation.

Mondays  |  6:30 p.m.
CLP - East Liberty

Tuesdays  |  6:45 p.m.
CLP - Brookline

Tuesdays  |  6 p.m.
CLP - Squirrel Hill

Tuesdays  |  6:45 p.m.
CLP - West End

Wednesdays  |  5 p.m.
CLP - Main (Oakland)

Thursdays  |  5:30 p.m.
CLP- Carrick

Fridays  |  1 p.m.
CLP - Downtown & Business

Want to know more?

Casa San Jose 

Extended Office Hours

Mondays and Wednesdays
9:00 am to 12:00 pm

Casa San Jose esta extendiendo sus horas de oficina en nuestro segundo local en East Liberty.

Si quiere hacer cita o comunicarse con esa oficina por favor llame al (502) 682-4540.

For more information on Casa San Jose, visit:


Clínicas Pediátricas y de Vacunación Gratuitas
Segundo Sábado de Cada Mes
8:30 AM to 12 PM*
Salvation Army (Centro de Donaciones) 54 S. 9th Street South Side Pittsburgh, PA 15203
865 Cabot Way, Pittsburgh, PA, Pittsburgh, PA 15203
No se necesita cita o seguro de salud

Clínicas Pediátricas Gratuitas
Cuarto Martes de Cada Mes
2 PM to 3:40 PM
Lugar: Salvation Army (Centro de Donaciones) Calles Carson y 9 South Side
(Carson Street and 9th Street) Pittsburgh, PA
54 S. 9th Street South Side Pittsburgh, PA 15203
865 Cabot Way, Pittsburgh, PA, Pittsburgh, PA 15203
No se necesita cita o seguro de salud

Para hacer cita y para confirmar que la clínica no ha sido cambiada de fecha
llamar al 412-692-6000 opción 8

Mayor información: 412-692-6000, opción 8
Más informaciónÑOS_flyer_2019.doc

Latin American Cultural Union (LACU) 

For more information about event sponsored by LACU please CLICK HERE

Latino Family Center (LFC) 

For more information about events and information by LFC please CLICK HERE


Director - Center for Latin American Studies at Pitt 

Position: Director of Center for Latin American Studies, University Center for International Studies, University of Pittsburgh

The University of Pittsburgh seeks a dynamic scholar to serve as director of its Center for Latin American Studies ( beginning August 2020. Founded in 1964, the Center for Latin American Studies is the oldest center within the University Center for International Studies (UCIS), which now includes six area and thematic studies centers. The mission of CLAS is to promote global understanding through support for teaching, learning, and research in and on Latin America, the Caribbean, and the diverse diasporic communities of Latin American and Caribbean origin in the United States and elsewhere. CLAS provides faculty with the resources and intellectual environment to realize cutting-edge research, and students with unequaled educational experience and a solid path to a successful career. Through its community engagement programs, the center shares its resources regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Candidates must be leading scholars in their field, holding the tenured rank of associate or full professor. The successful applicant will join the appropriate disciplinary home in one of three schools at the University: the Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences, the School of Education, or the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs. For the initial six years of their appointment, the individual will serve as director of the Center and receive a corresponding reduction in teaching and service obligations to their department/school. Unless there is a renewal of that appointment (mutually agreeable to the faculty member, the department chair or dean, and the Director of UCIS), the successful applicant will resume full-time responsibilities in their home department or school thereafter.

For more information click  here

Application deadline:  November 1, 2019 

They will be required to upload the following: a comprehensive C.V.; a letter of interest that outlines their scholarly and administrative interests and skills; a one-to-two-page diversity statement, discussing how past, planned, or potential contributions or experiences relating to diversity, equity, and inclusion will advance the University of Pittsburgh’s commitment to inclusive excellence; and the names of three references.


The University of Virginia - Job Opportunity 

Assistant Professor of Latin American Studies

Review of applications will begin on December 2, 2019; however, the position will remain open until filled.

Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese, tenure-track Assistant Professor: Latin American Studies – Focusing on literature, cultural studies, and/or performance studies, with a specialization in matters of race, gender, indigeneity, and/or Latinx studies. In order to enrich and expand upon existing department strengths in seventeenth-century Indigeneity and in race in contemporary Caribbean and Caribbean diasporic communities, we are looking for scholars whose research and teaching center on the nineteenth, twentieth, or twenty-first centuries in any region of the Americas other than the Caribbean.  Eligible applicants must hold a PhD in Latin American Studies, Spanish, Latinx Studies, Black Studies, Performance Studies, English, Comparative Literature, American Studies, Ethnic Studies or a related relevant field by the time of appointment.  Candidates will be assessed based on their demonstrated record or strong potential for excellence in research and teaching. Native or near-native fluency in Spanish is required.

Please apply online at and attach the following required

For questions regarding the application process please contact, Savanna Galambos,
Faculty Search Adviser, at

For questions regarding the position, please contact:


Latin American Studies Asociation (LASA) 

To learn more about LASA employment opportunities , please visit this link:

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