Related Concentration

Related Concentration in Latin American Studies

The Related Concentration in Latin American Studies, like the Certificate, was crafted for majors in any discipline offered at the University of Pittsburgh (whether liberal arts, sciences or professional). Students completing this certificate will develop skills and knowledge connected with Latin American/Latinx, and/or Caribbean (including diasporas). This personalized certificate will strengthen extra-regional insights leveraging the potential of multiple disciplines focused on regional issues. This program is for students who are not able to fit the prescribed course of studies required by the Certificate, but nevertheless wish to internationalize their studies, deepen expertise in Latin America and the Caribbean, and gain a competitive edge for work and advanced studies enhanced by regional expertise.

Requirements: The related concentration has three components: Latin American/Latinx and/or Caribbean (including Caribbean diaspora) courses, Language proficiency, and a digital portfolio.

  • Latin American/Latinx and/or Caribbean (including Caribbean diaspora) courses. Students will be required to complete a minimum of 15 credits in content courses.
    • ONE (1) of the courses may overlap with the student's major or other credentials (such as other certificates and minors)
    • FOUR (4) courses in at least two departments other than the student's major or other credentials
    • For students majoring or getting other credentials in departments in which no Latin American courses are offered, the requirement is five (5) Latin American area courses in at least three different departments.
    • For more information on the courses available, go to:
  • Language proficiency
    • Students will be required to take 2 years (four terms) of college-level Spanish, Portuguese, Quechua, or Haitian Creole.
    • Students may take the language department placement test to demonstrate the equivalent level of proficiency. For more information on Spanish and Portuguese language placement, go to: Contact the CLAS Advisor.
    • Students who are native speakers of one of the languages above may request a waiver from the CLAS Academic Advisor.
  • Digital Portfolio
    • Students in the program will be asked to complete a brief digital portfolio, which will reflect their curricular and co-curricular experiences. This portfolio will be started as students enter the program, where students will showcase their academic pursuits, co-curricular activities, work/volunteer experiences, scholarship, experiences abroad, and career goals that feature their expertise in Latin American/Latinx and Caribbean/Caribbean Diaspora. The portfolio can also serve as part of an online resumé, highlighting a student's experiences, skills and interests. Digital portfolios will be finalized early in the student's final semester. Details will be discussed with the advisor.

Study Abroad | Study In

Unlike the certificate, students pursuing the related concentration will not be expected to complete a study abroad program. Although not required it is strongly recommended for the student to consider a study abroad experience. There are a variety of programs to choose from, including the CLAS Undergraduate Seminar/Field Trip. Students should talk with the academic advisor about their plans and to get support in selecting a program that right for them. For more informaiton on programs connected with Latin America, please go to: 

Advising: To personalize your studies and connect to the best options to maximize the benefits of the program, students in the certificate should meet regularly with the CLAS academic advisor, Luis Van Fossen Bravo. He assists students in the completion of the requirements, curricular and co-curricular opportunities, study abroad and more. Below are some of the way to contact the academic advisor:

Enrollment: All students must be admitted to a school or department of the University of Pittsburgh before they can be accepted into a Latin American studies program or be eligible for funding offered by CLAS.

To enroll in one of the credentials of the Center for Latin American Studies the students needs to submit an enrollment form (below). The enrollment form may be submitted upon admission to the University. Though enrollment is open to students throughout their academic career at the University of Pittsburgh, interested students are encouraged to enroll early so they can take full advantage of all that CLAS has to offer.

To Enroll: