Faculty Advisory Board

The ESC Faculty Advisory Board (FAB) is chaired by Center Director Randall Halle and is comprised of University of Pittsburgh faculty from across the Oakland campus.  The FAB is a valuable source of advice and initiatives for Center programming.  FAB members are appointed for a term of three years (renewable) and meet at least once per semester to consult and vote on various matters.
Current members (AY 2023-24):
  • Jae-Jae Spoon, Chair, Department of Political Science, Professor
  • Chris Bonneau, Department of Political Science, Professor
  • Ronald Brand, School of Law, Professor and Director of the Center for International Legal Education
  • Vivian Curran, School of Law, Professor (2022-23 AY)
  • Sabina Deitrick, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, Professor
  • Sara Goodkind, School of Social Work, Associate Professor
  • Lina Insana, Department of French and Italian, Associate Professor of Italian
  • Jennifer Keating, Department of English; Senior Lecturer and Writing in the Disciplines Specialist at the William S. Dietrich II Institute for Writing Excellence
  • Adam Lowenstein, Department of English; Distinguished Professor of English and Film Studies
  • Sabine von Dirke, Chair, Department of German, Associate Professor 
  • Daniel Pennell, Area Studies Library Liaison (European Studies), University Library System
  • John Walsh, Department of French and Italian, Associate Professor
  • Gregor Thum, Department of History, Associate Professor
  • Felix Germain, Chair, Department of Africana Studies, Associate Professor
  • Gretchen Aiyangar, Less-Commonly-Taught Languages Center, Instructor, LCTL Program Coordinator, LCTL Minors Advisor