Faculty Advisory Board

The ESC Faculty Advisory Board (FAB) is chaired by Center Director Jae-Jae Spoon and comprised of University of Pittsburgh faculty from across the Oakland campus.  The FAB is a valuable source of advice and initiatives for Center programming.  FAB members are appointed for a term of three years (renewable) and meet at least once per semester to consult and vote on various matters.
Current members (AY 2022-23):
  • Jae-Jae Spoon, Chair, Department of Political Science, Professor
  • Michaël Aklin, Department of Political Science, Associate Professor
  • Daniel Balderston, Department of Hispanic Languages and Literature, Mellon Professor of Modern Languages (replacing Prof. Branche in 22-23)
  • Jerome Branche, Department of Hispanic Languages and Literature, Professor of Spanish (on leave 22-23)
  • Ronald Brand, School of Law, Professor and Director of the Center for International Legal Education
  • Heath Cabot, Department of Anthropology, Mellon Professor of Anthropology (on leave 22-23)
  • Vivian Curran, School of Law, Professor (2022-23 AY)
  • Sabina Deitrick, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, Professor
  • Sara Goodkind, School of Social Work, Associate Professor
  • Randall Halle, Department of German, Film and Media Studies Program, Critical European Culture Studies Program, Klaus W. Jonas Professor of German Film and Cultural Studies 
  • Lina Insana, Department of French and Italian, Associate Professor of Italian
  • Jennifer Keating, Department of English; Senior Lecturer and Writing in the Disciplines Specialist at the William S. Dietrich II Institute for Writing Excellence
  • Adam Lowenstein, Department of English; Distinguished Professor of English and Film Studies
  • John Lyon, Department of German, Chair and Professor of German
  • Daniel Pennell, Area Studies Library Liaison (European Studies), University Library System
  • Todd Reeser, Department of French and Italian, Chair and Professor of French
  • Gregor Thum, Department of History, Associate Professor