For Students


The ESC offers undergraduate and graduate students opportunities to learn about Europe and the European Union.  Student programs are based on the premise that the best method for preparing specialists on the EU and Europe is to provide a wide range of academic and professional courses on these subjects that complement work in a major discipline. Opportunities range from two certificate programs for undergraduate and graduate students in both European Union Studies and West European Studies, academic advising, study abroad, research support for papers and projects, and information on fellowships and grants. 

Students can receive our weekly update of center activities and deadlines by joining out mailing list.

Follow the links to the left to learn more about curricular, co-curricular, and funding opportunities related to Graduate and Undergraduate studies at Pitt.  In addition, the European Studies Center has limited funds to assist student groups/clubs with programming expenses or project-based requests related to the study of Europe.  These are typically small, one-time awards meant to increase or facilitate meaningful student engagement, though for graduate student groups there may be the possibility for small grants to support travel abroad.  Requests for funding should include the name of the event or project that funds are sought for, the amount requested, the target audience of the event, and a brief (two paragraph) rationale for why the funds are needed and how they will advance understanding of or interest in European studies among Pitt students. In addition, please include a draft budget for your event/project.  Requests should be sent to Steve Lund (for undergraduate and graduate student groups).