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The Euro Challenge is a national competition for cash prizes where 9th and 10th grade high school students test their knowledge and understanding of the European economy and the Euro, the currency shared by many of the 28 countries of the European Union.  The European Studies Center is proud to host the Western Pennsylvania regional competition for Euro Challenge.  Participation can be in person or remote.  The top team(s) from the regional competition will advance to the national competition in New York City.

Registration for the 2021 Euro Challenge competition is now open!  For more information, or to apply to this program, please visit:

Important dates:

Orientation and preparation events and opportunities will be added soon; please check back or email

Regional competition:  Date TBA

National competition: Date TBA

Are you interested in starting a Euro Challenge team at your own school, but not sure where to start?  Check out this interview with long-time Euro Challenge advisor, Bill Hildenbrand, about starting a team, preparing for competitions, and running a Euro Challenge program.  Bill also shares the benefits of participating in the Euro Challenge for students. 

Interviewee: Bill Hildenbrand, North Allegheny School District.  Filmed: December 16, 2019.

View the Euro Challenge Interview!