Undergraduate Certificate Programs


The ESC offers several certificates for undergraduate students regardless of school or major.  The Certificate in European Union Studies offers students with academic and professional interests in the European Union an opportunity to study the institution, its history and development, its political and economic policies, and its influence on Europe and the world in depth. Enlargement of the EU has made it an institution of both Western and Eastern Europe. The Certificate in West European Studies provides students with strong interests in predominantly Western European history, culture, politics, and languages to complement their major with a regional specialization. Certificates in Mediterranean Studies and Transatlantic Studies allow students to explore Europe comparatively or as one part of a region that is connected by bodies of water, rather than limited by terrestrial continental borders.  Requirements across the certificate programs are similar.  For those whose academic plans do not allow space and time to complete a full certificate, the Related Concentration in European and Eurasian Studies is another credential that can contextualize your Europe-related courses and study abroad experiences and does appear on the transcript.

Undergraduate Certificates offered:

Either certificate is similar to a minor. It allows students in any major (including the sciences and professional disciplines) to complement that major with an interdisciplinary set of courses related to Western Europe and/or the European Union in addition to proficiency in a relevant language.

Steve Lund, Assistant Director of the ESC, is the undergraduate academic advisor.  He helps ensure that students understand graduation requirements and are aware of co-curricular opportunities related to Western Europe and the European Union, including study abroad. He also helps students design a program of interrelated courses according to the student’s interests, career aspirations, and educational goals.

Contact Mr. Lund at slund@pitt.edu or 412-648-7422 to schedule an appointment and discuss how the certificates may fit into your academic plan, what courses you've already taken that may count towards the requirements, and how many courses you'd have left to take.

Students who would like to offically join either program may do so by completing the application forms for either the EU Studies Certificate or the West European Studies Certificate.