Graduate Certificate Programs

Through its Graduate Certificate Programs, the ESC offers opportunities for graduate students to develop and expand their understanding and knowledge about the European Union and Western Europe.  The Certificates are designed to enable students in any graduate program (including the professional schools) to complement their studies with an interdisciplinary set of courses directly to related to Western Europe and/or the EU.  They also certify proficiency in a West European language or an official language of an EU member state or accession candidate country.

Graduate Certificates offered:

Certified courses are offered in the departments of anthropology, classics, economics, English, fine arts, history, history of art and architecture, music, philosophy, political science, sociology, the language departments of French and Italian, German, Hispanic Languages and Literatures, the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs (GSPIA) and the School of Law, among others.

The Associate Director for the ESC is the graduate academic advisor.  She helps ensure that students understand graduation requirements and are aware of co-curricular opportunities related to Western Europe and the European Union.  She also helps students design a program of interrelated courses according to the student's interests, career aspirations, and educational goals.  Students should contact Dr. Allyson Delnore with questions about Graduate EU Studies Certificate or the Graduate West European Studies Certificate at or 412-624-5404.