Undergraduate Students


The ESC offers opportunities for undergraduate students to learn about the European Union and Europe. Opportunities range from two certificate programs that allow for an interdisciplinary approach to the study of Europe and the European Union, academic advising, simulation experiences such as the Model EU, study abroad opportunities, research support for papers and projects, and information on grants and fellowships that support research and study abroad. 

MEET EU, a joint venture sponsored by the University of Pittsburgh, Florida International University, and UNC-Chapel Hill, is hosting 8 virtual European Expert Career Panels, aiming to help young people identify and prepare themselves for transatlantic careers. Panelists include European business leaders, EU Member State Consulate and EU Delegation officials, and experts on trade and investment, digital economy, future of mobility, future of work, climate change, and research and innovation. The panelists will give advice on differences in EU and US business settings, training and language in a transatlantic workplace, and how to be successful when working in EU-US relations.

The Expert Panels will provide a look at EU businesses, EU diplomats, and EU experts for those wishing to pursue a European career. In addition to providing career advice, the panels seek to foster understanding of the EU, its economic impact, and critical issues facing the EU-US relationship.

The Miami-Florida Jean Monnet Center of Excellence at FIU is in charge of organizing and hosting the 8 European Expert Careers Panels.

The most recent panel can be viewed here: miamieuc.fiu.edu/meet-eu/meet-the-eu-european-expert-career-panels.