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We are one of the largest organizations in the world that is solely fighting human trafficking. At a local, domestic, and international level. All over the world, we are not just responding to trafficking that is already taking place, but we are actively working on the frontlines to prevent it from happening to begin with. 

We have a contextualized approach. Because the problem looks different everywhere we work, so does our response. We’re innovative & creative. We identify the gaps in each context and seak to fill it.

We have a unique vision to scale impact. A21’s Reach, Rescue, and Restore programs work together to provide a comprehensive response to human trafficking. Our programs have also been designed as stand alone solutions to enable A21 to fill critical gaps in a community without duplicating efforts. We are also committed to giving away our resources and knowledge to other groups combatting human trafficking so we can reach a tipping point.

We have an unwavering commitment to the one. Whether it's preventing exploitation from happening in the first place, to helping survivors heal and walk toward freedom, independence, and a better story—we always fight for the one. One life at a time, we will end slavery everywhere, forever.

We believe in the role of abolitionists. Simply put, our work wouldn’t be possible without you. Your giving, volunteering, fundraising, hosting, walking, and sharing is why we will see the day where a world without slavery becomes a reality.

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