K-12 Educators' Certificate in Global Studies

K-12 Educators' Certificate in Global Studies

The K-12 Educators' Certificate in Global Studies is a 180-hour certificate that will equip educators with content and pedagogical methods and skills to engage with global studies in their classrooms. Participants will explore global and transnational processes while fulfilling continuing education credit hours. The combination of core and elective courses available (see Requirements below) will allow participants to gain in-depth knowledge through the well-rounded and cohesive theme of global studies. The Introduction to Global Studies course, a core requirement for the certificate, will take place in the Spring of 2024. 

The full tuition cost of the program is $2,500, which covers classes, Act 48 credit hours, and books and materials. Registration and a nonrefundable deposit/first payment of $625 will be due by December 15th, 2023. Payment plans are available on a per-year or per-semester frequency. Prorated tuition refunds will be made for participants who pay in full and withdraw. Course offerings will be dependent on enrollment.

GRANTS: The Global Studies Center's K-12 Educators' Certificate will award Act 48 credits, making it eligible for Title II funding through your Intermediate Unit (Pennsylvania educators only). The administration of your school must file the paperwork to receive Title II funding so you will need to contact whoever handles Title II applications in your school or district. The Global Studies Center also has professional development grants. For more information and to learn about the amount of grants available, contact Veronica Dristas dristas@pitt.edu

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Why Participate?

There are numerous benefits in pursuing and completing the certificate. This includes:

  • Act 48 Credit hours (*180 hours every five years is required to retain active status in Pennsylvania)
  • Eligibility to apply to be a Teacher-in-Residence
  • Eligibility to apply to teach in the summer Governor's School for Global and International Studies
  • Networking opportunities with fellow educators and world-class faculty at the University of Pittsburgh


  • Develop skills and methods to integrate global studies into existing or new curriculum 
  • Engage with new and emerging global concepts


Core Requirements

Educators pursuing the certificate must complete 90 hours of core courses and opportunities, as followed:

  • Introduction to Global Studies (30 hours)--The Spring 2024 course's dates and times are listed below:
    February 1: 5pm - 8pm (Thur)
    February 10: 9am - 2pm (Sat)
    February 22: 5pm - 8pm (Thur)
    February 29: 5pm - 8pm (Thur)
    March 7: 5pm - 8pm (Thur)
    March 28: 5pm - 8pm (Thur)
    April 11: 5pm - 8pm (Thur)
    May 2: 5pm - 7pm (Thur)
    May 11: 9am - 2pm (Sat)
  • Global Issues Through Literature (GILS) (18 hours): Offered in Fall and Spring
  • Interdisciplinary Global Educators Working Group (12 hours): Offered in Summer
  • Global Education Course, taught through the School of Education (30 hours): Offered Summer 2024


In addition to the core requirements above, educators must complete 90 hours of electives from a diverse set of Center opportunities. This includes, but is not limited to:

Opportunities are available and offered through other institutions that align with the Global Studies pedagogies.

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Questions? Please contact Maja Konitzer at majab@pitt.edu.