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The biggest decision most students make—after deciding where to go to college—is whether to study abroad. At the Global Studies Center, we encourage overseas study. Most of our graduates have studied abroad, and many have studied abroad more than once! There are so many options offered by Pitt’s Study Abroad Office that are relevant to our global concentrations and now students in the health and well being concentration and global health certificate can search for programs under health in a global context  heading. Among the many programs offered we want to highlight Pitt in London’s Global Engagement Program (Spring or Fall) the Global Diversity Program  ( Spring 2019.)


Pitt in London: Global Engagement

Students select from 15 credits of course work including a service-learning experience and have the option of enrolling in language courses. The courses offered count towards GSC’s  Peace, Conflict and Security and the Cultural Dynamics concentrations. Courses offered:

SOC 1515: Contemporary Issues Through Service Learning: The Social Dynamics of London
SOCXXX- Experiencing Globalization: Society, Space and Everyday Life in London
GSWS 1140: Campaigners, Activists and Radicals: Gender and Citizenship in Modern Europe
PS 1675: Global Perspectives on Human Rights in Action
SOC 1515: Islam, Politics and Britain: A Case Study of London’s East End upon successful completion of the program.

A Community Engagement Certificate is awarded after successful completion of coursework. The certificate focuses on the key concepts of active citizenship, social entrepreneurship, activism, and social protest in the contemporary city.

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Global Diversity Program

This program explores issues of diversity, such as race, ethnicity, gender, religion, and migration, through courses and a structured service-learning experience in Granada-Spain, Prague-Czech Republic, and Dublin-Ireland. Student live and study for five weeks at each location. Dr. Ralph Bangs leads the program.  He has been at Pitt for 32 years, and is an expert on race/ethnicity, gender, and public policy analysis, and has led 12 study abroad trips. The courses offered count towards GSC’s Cultural Dynamics, Political and Economy concentrations.

SOC 1515: Race and Ethnicity in Global Perspective 
GSWS 0300: Gender Equality in Europe 
SOC 1319: Immigration 
ANTH 1768: Cultures & Societies of Eastern Europe 
SOC 1515: Service Learning in Dublin

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