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University of Pittsburgh's Study Abroad Panther Program

The Global Studies Center encourages all students to study abroad to have a more fruitful college experience. Below we've highlighted a list of programs that ran last year for our students to explore. Be sure to check back to this page, as we will update accordingly with any changes in the University of Pittsburgh policy concerning study abroad during the 2020-2021 academic year.

Global Studies is pleased to offer several $3000 in tuition remission for students enrolled in one of Pitt's Study Abroad Panther Program. Student must take courses that count towards one of Global Studies certificates or a BPHIL/IAS/Global Studies. First priority will be given to students enrolled in a Global Studies academic program.
Students will be expected to provide a reflection of their study abroad experience for GSC publication. To learn more about the tuition remission scholarship and to apply, click here.

The biggest decision most students make—after deciding where to go to college—is whether to study abroad. At the Global Studies Center, we strongly encourage overseas study. Most of our graduates have studied abroad, and many have studied abroad more than once! There are so many options offered by Pitt’s Study Abroad Office that are relevant to our global concentrations and now students in the health and well being concentration and global health certificate can search for programs under health in a global context . Among the many programs offered we want to highlight Pitt in London’s Global Engagement Program (Spring or Fall) and AMIDEAST Education Abroad Programs. 


PITT in London: Global Engagement

Students select from 15 credits of course work including a service-learning experience and have the option of enrolling in language courses. The courses offered count towards GSC’s Peace, Conflict and Security and the Cultural Dynamics concentrations. Courses offered:

SOC 1515: Contemporary Issues Through Service Learning: The Social Dynamics of London
SOCXXX- Experiencing Globalization: Society, Space and Everyday Life in London
GSWS 1140: Campaigners, Activists and Radicals: Gender and Citizenship in Modern Europe
PS 1675: Global Perspectives on Human Rights in Action
SOC 1515: Islam, Politics and Britain: A Case Study of London’s East End upon successful completion of the program.

A Community Engagement Certificate is awarded after successful completion of coursework. The certificate focuses on the key concepts of active citizenship, social entrepreneurship, activism, and social protest in the contemporary city. See the Study Abroad Office for further information. 

The Global Studies Center is pleased to offer scholarships to undergraduate students participating in the Spring 2020 or Fall 2020 (Cancelled) Pitt in London Global Engagement Program.




Education Abroad in the Arab World

Whether you're focused on the Middle East or North Africa or just want to expand your horizons, AMIDEAST offers a variety of options to meet your academic goals while developing intercultural skills in a safe, secure, and healthy environment. Study aborad programs are offered in Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia. The programs are designed to help devlop an understanding for Arab cultures or develop skills in the Arabic language. Programs are offered throughout the year, during Fall, Spring and Summer. 

For more information regarding courses, time, cost, and available scholarships please refer to 


Undergraduate Study Abroad Scholarships

The Global Studies Center is pleased to offer scholarships to undergraduate students participating in the Spring 2020 or Fall 2020 Pitt in London Global Engagement Program. Students can earn a certificate in Community Engagement from CAPA: The Global Education Network and the courses will count toward a global studies certificate conferred by the Global Studies Center at Pitt. The courses as well as the community engagement experience are designed to offer students both academic rigor, community service placements with select human rights organizations, networking with activists and civic leaders, and co-curricular programming in one of the world’s most dynamic and diverse cities. To learn more about the program

Competitive scholarships will also be available for students in the Global Health in Botswana programs, Time: TBA. Please check back about this specific program.

To apply for the scholarship go


PittGlobal Partner Programs

PAST Global Initiatives during Study Abroad

Global Health Programs 

Comparative Health Care in Graz (Summer 2020)

  • Develop a deeper understanding of the role of governments in nationalized European health systems.
  • Study the history of health care and medical systems with an emphasis on the US and Central Europe.
  • Courses led by University of Pittsburgh professors.
  • Host Cities: Graz-Vienna-Salzburg, Austria, Ljubljana-Maribor, Slovenia.

To learn more and apply visit

Health Care in the British Context (Summer 2020)

  • Acquire a firm understanding of how history can affect health care in the future.
  • Study the differences and similarities in health care systems in the UK, Europe and the US. 
  • Courses led by local instructors through our partner CAPA International Education. 
  • Host City: London, UK

To learn more and apply visit

Health Care delivery in Switzerland (Maymester)

  •  Shadow medical professionals at various health care facilities in Basel.
  • Learn about health care and nursing education in Switzerland.
  • Visit the World Health Organization, United Nations, Red Cross Museum, and International Council of Nurses.
  • Host City: Basel, Switzerland.

To learn more and apply visit

Himalayan Health and Wilderness First Responder (Summer 2020)

  • Wilderness First Responder intensive course.
  • Study the Himalayan environment as a key factor in public health.
  • Develop throught processes unique to caring for patients in remote areas.
  • Host City: Mussoorie, India.

To learn more and apply visit

Urban-Rural Health Care in Pittsburgh & Bradford (Spring 2020)

  • Study health care delivery in rural & urban settings using Bradford and Pittsburgh as models. 
  • Develop knowledge of how the American health care system works. 
  • Course taught by PITT faculty with guest lecturers from local hospitals and clinics.
  • Host Cities: Pittsburgh & Bradford, PA

To learn more and apply visit

Global Peace & Conflict Studies

Comparative Justice in Ireland (Maymester)

  • Study similarities and differences of the Irish and American justice systems.
  • Meet with representatives from the court, police, and correctional systems.
  • Explore Ireland's rich culture and history.
  • Host Cities: Dublin & Cork, Ireland

To learn more and apply visit

Children's Experience of War and Trauma (Summer 2020)

  • Study the psychological and developmental consequences of war and trauma in both historical and current contexts.
  • Receive certification in psychological first aid.
  • Diversity and sensitivity training at an organization that serves immigrants and refugee families. 
  • Host Cities: London, UK & Pittsburgh, PA

To learn more and apply visit

Global Seminar: Wrongful Conviction (Summer 2020)

  • The Global Seminar will give you the opportunity to study this growing area of focus within the field of human rights. 
  • Taught by law professor with a career focus in litigating wrongful conviction and directing California Innocence Project.
  • Host City: London, UK

To learn more and apply visit

Global Politics, Economy and Cultural Dynamics Studies

PITT in Ghana: Culture, Music, and Health (Summer 2020)

  • Study West African cultural traditions and performing arts. 
  • Develop an understanding of public health issues, policies, and practises in Ghana. 
  • Visit hospitals and social organizations, and meet with local public health officials and practitioners.
  • Host Cities: Legon, Ghana & Pittsburgh, PA

To learn more and apply visit

Sports as Global Spectacle: 2020 Summer Olympics (Summer 2020)

  •  Study the rituals and traditions of sport at the Olympics.
  • Acquire a deeper appreciation of sports as a producer and production of cultural institutions. 
  • Meet Olympic planning officials, local leaders and regional experts. 
  • Host Cities: Tokyo & Osaka, Japan

To learn more and apply visit

Lakota Perspectives on Environmental Sustainability and Indigenous Rights (Maymester)

  • Study Native American history, including colonization, land rights, and environmental justice. 
  • Develop an understanding of Oglala Lakota life, current issues, and the Lakota's relationship with the United States. 
  • Taught by PITT faculty and guest lecturers from tribal leaders and local community members. 
  • Host Cities: Allen and Rapid City, South Dakota

To learn more and apply visit

PITT in London: Global Engagement (Fall (Cancelled) and Spring 2020)

  • Study key concepts of active citizenship, social entrepreneurship, activism, and social protest in the contemporary city of London.
  • Build leadership and team-working skills through active community engagement projects. 
  • Explore the UK outside of London through excursions to Stonehenge and Bath.
  • Host City: London, UK

To learn more and apply visit


Nationaility Rooms and Intercultural Exchange Programs

2020 Undergraduate/Graduate Summer Study Abroad Scholarships

The Nationality Rooms have awarded annual scholarships for summer study abroad to all parts of the world since 1948. The purpose of the award is to give PITT students the opportunity to experience in-depth immersion in another culture.

Applicants may apply for up to two scholarships, but can only receive one award. We welcome students of all majors an courses of study. 

For more information or to sign up for a mandatory 30 minute scholarship information session, please visit or call (412) 624-6150


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