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University Center for International Studies
GSC's host, UCIS,is a University-wide matrix organization that encompasses centers for area studies and centers on topical specializations in international studies. It coordinates international education curricula and provides support services such as the Study Abroad Program. It is now a large framework for the multidisciplinary work of the institution with a total of 19 components, jointly sponsored, and affiliated units. Its mission is to integrate and reinforce all the strands of international scholarship in the University in research, teaching and public service.

Center for Global Health
The Center for Global Health provides a unifying framework for global health research and scholarship at the University of Pittsburgh. Their mission is to effectively address health issues that affect populations around the globe.

Consortium for Educational Resources on Islamic Studies
The Consortium for Educational Resources on Islamic Studies (CERIS) is a collaboration of academic, non-profit, and religious organizations in the tri-state area (Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.) CERIS facilitates program development and disseminates information on Islamic Studies to students, faculty, and the larger communities we serve.

Graduate School of Public and International Affairs
The mission of GSPIA is to prepare students to make substantive contributions to society through careers as managers, advisors, and policy analysts in government and nonprofit organizations in a multitude of geographic locations throughout the world.

International Business Center
Founded in 1989 as a joint venture of the Katz Graduate School of Business and the University Center for International Studies, the International Business Center (IBC) is a unique resource that develops, operates and supports programs designed to build international competence and expertise in business students, faculty, and practitioners, and help businesses enhance their international competitiveness.

World History Center
The World History Center is set within the Department of History at the University of Pittsburgh, and works closely with all aspects of the department program. The Center's mission is to build global and interdisciplinary historical studies in Pittsburgh and to encourage worldwide collaboration in analysis of the global past.