Center for Human Rights Legal Action


9.a Ave. 2-59 Zona 1 Guatemala City, Guatemala

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CALDH is a Washington DC based organization that promotes human rights in Guatemala. In conjunction with other human rights organization ins Guatemala and the U.S., CALDH files petitions on behalf of victims before the OAS’s Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. The Guatemala office focuses on interviewing victims family members, preparing affidavits, reviewing court records, conducting investigations of court procedures and writing reports. An intern that worked with CALDH assisted them by interviewing civil patrollers and ex-civil patrollers, gathering information to be used in a petition to be filed before the IACHR. The volunteer also participated in meetings with popular movement groups and governmental officials. The intern learned on-the-ground human rights practices and techniques as well as gaining a keen, analytical sounding board for new strategies to be pursued in similar cases.

Region of Focus: