Building New Hope


305 34th Street,
Pittsburgh PA 15201

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Building New Hope is a volunteer driven 501(c)(3) organization based in Pittsburgh, PA, and Granada, Nicaragua, that has been supporting grassroots development projects in Central America since 1992. We actively assist communities — primarily in El Salvador and Nicaragua — by selling fairly traded organic coffee; operating career training centers; alternative schools and literacy programs for undeserved and at-risk youth; and funding income-generating projects for women and community organizing initiatives. In the past we've organized people-to-people work delegations, developed alternative energy projects, and supported emergency relief and reconstruction efforts to assist victims of catastrophic events. Partnership lies at the heart of Building New Hope's mission. Responding to the expressed need of the Central American people, we build people-to-people bridges of hope and understanding. We also work to raise awareness of the challenges facing Central Americans in their efforts to lead healthy and dignified lives.

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