NATO Internship Program


Brusels, Belgium

Region of Focus: 

Citizens of NATO-member countries who are 21 and older and who graduated not longer than 12 months before are eligible to apply for this 6-month internship at the North Atlantic Treaty Organization headquarters in Belgium. There are internship opportunities in human resources, diplomacy, policy and many other disciplines. Check the website for details.

There are two types of Internship opportunities at the Alliance: the NATO-Funded and the GRANT-funded Internship Programme.

The NATO-funded Internship Programme gives opportunity to a wide range of candidates, while the other opportunity is open for those, whose work is supported from outside sources. And while Candidates interested in a GRANT-funded opportunity can apply throughout the year, the call for the NATO-funded opportunity is open only once per year in Spring with two starting dates, in March and in September the following year. Internships will last 6 months.

Region of Focus: