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Washington D.C.

Scholarships offered: 

SEVENSEAS Media is the leading free resource that promotes marine conservation through community engagement, online media, and eco-tourism, with readers in 174 countries. We continue to inspire and educate all our readers through rich imagery, engaging content, and an underlying conservation message. From the inaugural issue of SEVENSEAS Magazine we pledged to preserve the publication as a free resource available to students, families, and professionals of all ages, incomes, and backgrounds.SEVENSEAS, in collaboration with The Ocean Foundation, is working toward our shared goal of reversing the trend of destruction of ocean environments around the world and expanding ocean literacy.

SEVENSEAS Media is now recruiting graduate and undergraduate students to become Ocean Ambassadors at their college or university. Students chosen to be ocean ambassadors will be volunteers. There will be one ambassador per university. Each month, ambassadors will be responsible for hosting an ocean-themed event on campus, such as a documentary screening or a sustainable seafood potluck. The goal of these events is to spread the word about ocean conservation and travel around college campuses. Additionally, ambassadors should plan to discuss the content of SEVENSEAS Media with their peers each month. This can be in tandem with the monthly events or could be a separate engagement. Ambassadors are to encourage students to subscribe to SEVENSEAS Media for free and to follow us on social media. We are only as strong as our networks!

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