In a global market, one needs to have many talents to fall back on or to tap into to advance a passion. Starting something new is not easy. What does it take to start a new business or enterprise? Learn from alums who have branched out on their own and started new ventures.  


March 31st

Starting a Business or Non-Profit

Sometimes the right job doesn't doesn't fit and you create your own international path. Join these alum who have forged their own ways or have created international businesses while still working their day jobs. 
Meet our Alum:
Onyinye (Gandhi) Chuks: I'm Onyinye Gandhi Chuks, Founder and Managing Consultant at Blu-Pearl International, a rapidly growing international finance, investment, and immigration firm.  As an entrepreneur, my strategy was to identify problems unique to international business and provide solutions for them. From our humble beginning as a small U.S. startup with one employee and no clients in March 2017, we have expanded our operations into two West African countries and currently have 16 employees servicing over 50 clients!
Hannah Cohen: 
Hannah Berkeley Cohen spent her 20’s living and working in Havana, as a journalist and tour operator during normalization of relations between Cuba and the US. As Cuba’s economy tanked and tourism plummeted worldwide because of COVID, Cohen returned to her hometown of Columbus, Ohio and began renovating old homes. She has a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from Pitt, and is a strong believer in faking it ‘til you make you make it. 
Youssef Abdelwahab: 
Youssef Abdelwahab ’11, ’13 MT, started his own e-commerce business, designing niche headwear in which he fuses African, African diasporic and Arab cultures to create unique products (instagram: aragaparel website: aragapparel.com). He also became a landlord in the Germantown neighborhood of Philadelphia and will open a café in the next few months (iA). He is currently in his 10th year as a high school Spanish teacher.

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April 1st

Careers in Security, Intelligence, and Diplomacy 4

Conversation with Pitt REEES and Slavic Department alumni Drs. Elise Thorsen and Beach Gray, who work for Nvetta, a data analysis, consulting, and international cybersecurity firm.