Global Studies Student Ambassador Fellowship and GSC Internships

Global Studies Center Fellowships and Internships

The Global Studies Center looks for students to fill the following positions on a yearly basis:

  • Global Studies Student Ambassador;
  • Information Specialist Intern; 
  • Publications/Public Relations Intern;
  • Film Production Intern

To find out more about about what being a GSSA fellow or GSC intern involves, why not contact our existing fellow/interns? Here is the link to their profiles: GSSA's and Interns

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Global Studies Student Ambassador Fellowships/ Internships

The Global Studies Center is pleased to announce the Global Studies' Student Ambassador (GSSA) Fellowship for students (undergraduate or graduate) enrolled in a GSC academic program. The Fellowship pays a partial term's tuition, and involves partnering closely with the GSC over the course of the academic year or term, working 10 hours/week assisting with guest lectures, films and weekend outreach workshops etc. Winners will be expected to begin their Fellowship within the first week of the Fall term, when the Fellowship amount will be credited to the student's PeopleSoft account. 

GSSA Role Requirements:

  1. Must be currently enrolled in, and must demonstrate progress towards completing, one of the following: Undergraduate Certificate, Graduate Certificate, or Bachelor of Philosophy in International and Area Studies (BPhil-IAS), Global Studies Track.
  2. Minimum QPA: Undergraduate Certificate students: 3.0; Graduate Certificate and BPhil students: 3.5. Note: First-term students are not eligible to be GSSAs; please apply after grades for the first term have been received.
  3. Must be able to demonstrate professional work etiquette including: strong interpersonal, public speaking, and writing skills, and ability to work independently, arrive promptly and take initiative.

Information Specialist Intern
This intern will assist GSC administrators with website site development and updating; technical support; technical consultation; database development,  information processing and management of Chromebooks. The internship will require 10-15 hours per week. The Information Specialist Intern will receive partial tuition remission that will be credited to the student's PeopleSoft account for the awarded academic term. For a full list of tasks and required skills please see the attached working document at the bottom of the page.

Publications/Public Relations Intern
The PR intern will help with the various publicity, publications, and social/digital media produced by the Center. They will have the opportunity to create social media posts, write and edit public relations copy, and produce digital and hard-copy publicity materials for a variety of events, all with an international and educational focus. As a GSC intern, you will also attend innovative events to gather content and interview people for articles, which will be featured in GSC publications.

This position will require excellent written and oral communication skills, with an emphasis on writing in a consistent voice and tone reflective of GSC’s mission, to better promote and bring awareness to our multi-faceted goals. You will also be required to have some knowledge of creating online content for social media and websites, along with an understanding of how to write public relations copy for a variety of audiences and purposes. Ideally, this GSC intern will also have a working knowledge of Adobe InDesign and SEO (search engine optimization), though these skills are not required. The internship will require 10-15 hours per week and students can earn 3 credits if they take the corresponding internship course.

Film Production Intern
The film production intern will be responsible for editing and completing videos for GSC’s Global Issues Rapid Response Series; for filming and editing student narrative clips, guest lectures and GSC promotional videos; and for arranging online teleconferencing.  Student must be trained in film production and editing and demonstrate ability to produce short film clips.  They will need to perform other related duties as needed, and should have a basic knowledge of film and video platforms; be self-directed and reliable; and have the ability to work independently. The internship will require 10-15 hours per week. The Film Production Intern will receive partial tuition remission that will be credited to the student's PeopleSoft account for the awarded academic term.


Application Materials for GSSA or Internship positions:

Deadline: Wednesday March 21, 2018.

  1. Completed application form (available at the link below) with an e-mail address and phone number via which you can be contacted for an interview;
  2. A cover letter explaining how you are qualified for the position, and your reasons for applying;
  3. A Curriculum Vitae, including relevant work and course experience;
  4. Your most recent transcript (unofficial copy is acceptable.)

Contact Elaine Linn at with any questions.

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