Message from the Director

Monday, March 23, 2020 - 8:15am

The Covid-19 outbreak and related containment measures have taken their toll on GSC's programming for the remainder of the semester. While we have had to cancel many events, others have been postponed or will take place in an online format. More information is available across our website, or you can contact us individually or at


This crisis illustrates powerfully why the kind of global thinking the GSC promotes is so essential in our times. It's simply impossible to understand this pandemic, the responses to it, and its likely implications through national or regional imaginaries. The movement of people is newly constrained both within and across borders, and social and economic systems are teetering as a result. The devastating effects of these unfolding events on marginalized, minoritized, and impoverished people manifest within a broader context: the globalization of supply chains, the casualization of employment, the ongoing transfer of wealth from the poor and the public to the wealthy, the resulting surge in economic inequality and related rise in precarity for those left behind, and the ethno-nationalist rhetoric and ideologies through which anger over these trends is increasingly channeled all cry out for study through a global analytic frame.


@PittGSC remains committed to studying these transnational phenomena in ways that illuminate our current condition and clarify alternatives and possibilities for the future.



Dr. Michael Goodhart