Spring 2023 Micro-Course: Technology, Humanity, and Social Justice

Technology, Humanity, and Social Justice
Friday, March 17, 2023 to Sunday, March 19, 2023
Course Number: PS 1555 (1-credit). Register here.
As humans rely more and more on electronic devices to support their everyday activities, there are ever present warnings about the impacts such reliance has on human autonomy ranging from who owns and controls information networks, the inequitable impact of technology consumption on peoples and places, varying accessibility of technology around the globe, and the promises and limitations of technology in improving human health. By engaging in technology as a lens, this sequence of weekend micro-courses encourages students to examine technology as a system disproportionately impacting humanity by enabling and constraining human rights of groups of people around the globe. With a multi-disciplinary focus, the course invites researchers and practitioners from the University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon, and relevant fields more broadly.
In this four-part weekend micro-course (spanning four semesters), we will examine the power of technology on humanity and its implications on social justice in four areas: governance, environment, education, and health. Please note that students do not need to complete all four parts and are welcome to participate in any and all micro-course offerings. This course requires a permission number that will be provided by contacting the instructor, Veronica Dristas, at dristas@pitt.edu.
Education: In Spring 2023, the focus will be on the impact technology has on the future of schooling and work. This will include a discussion as to how technology can improve the efficiency and safety of the workforce through automation while also creating further divides between those who have educational access and those who do not. The effects of technology on education and the common language of the world, including how it impacts native languages and cultures, will also be discussed.

The micro-course is open to all students, community members, and educators. You can apply here. The deadline to register is TBD.

Pitt Students: This course requires a permission number that will be provided by contacting the instructor, Veronica Dristas, at dristas@pitt.edu.