Jae-Jae Spoon


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4211 Posvar Hall


The ESC, Grant Opportunities, and Collaboration

Allyson Delnore

Associate Director

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4210 Posvar Hall


The ESC, Grant Opportunities, Collaboration, Community Relations, Conversations on Europe, Graduate Advising, Sponsored Programs, Jean Monet Activities, and Title VI

Stephen Lund

Assistant Director

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4213 Posvar Hall


Undergraduate Student Advising and Study Abroad, Certificates and Requirements, and Alumni Relations

Iris Matijevic

Activities, Events and Partnerships Coordinator

4214 Posvar Hall

Contact if you have questions about Event Logistics and Planning, Faculty and Student Grant Competitions, or International Partnership Agreements that are already in place

Samantha Moik

Engagement Coordinator

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4216 Posvar Hall


Contact if you have questions about Outreach Activities to the Community and Student/Campus Engagement

Lizz Schellin

Administrative Assistant

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4200 Posvar Hall


Scheduling, Invoices and Reimbursements, and Center Visitors

Suzanne Plutt

Budget Administrator

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4212 Posvar Hall

(412) 648-10

Budgets and Financial Adminstration

Tricia McGough

Communications Designer

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4416 Posvar Hall


Graphic & Web Design

Haixia Wang

UCIS Program Coordinator for Foreign Languages Across the Curriculum

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4135 Wesley W. Posvar Hall