Newsletter and Publications


The ESC publishes a monthly Newsletter during the academic year.  The Newsletter features our monthly calendar of events, information about fellowships and grant opportunities, and articles by affiliated faculty and students.

In addition to the Newsletter, the Center also puts out a Weekly Update, which is a more concise and up-to-date version of our newsletter. If you would like be on our mailing list for either the Newsletter or the Weekly Update, please email Tricia McGough

The Center is also home to the Pittsburgh Papers on the European Union, a free-standing scholarly papers series promoting investigation of the contemporary and historical dynamics of the European Union from all disciplines. Under the editorship of Professor Alberta Sbragia, Vice-Provost for Graduate Studies at the University of Pittsburgh, this e-journal is devoted to disseminating current research on the European Union, including its domestic, regional, and global contexts, transnational relations among new and long-standing members, accession states, and candidate members of the EU.