Europe Today Lecture Series: 21st-Century European Cities: Colonial Modernity, Race and Space

4:00 pm
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Giovanni Picker
Speaker: Giovanni Picker Assistant Professor of Sociology at Glasgow University Moderator: Pawel Lewicki, University of Pittsburgh This talk builds on Giovanni Picker's three books, one monograph (2017) and two co-edited volumes (2018 and 2022), which investigate the ways in which various racial structures shape 21st-Century European cities. In the first part of the talk, Dr. Picker will discuss the historical canon of Social Science research on European cities, and the canon's silence regarding colonialism and race. In the second part of the talk, Dr. Picker will discuss the residential segregation of Romani people (the Roma) in Europe, as an illustration of the importance of looking at race and colonial history when researching contemporary European cities. He will focus on the city of Florence (Italy), where since the mid-1980s hundreds of Yugoslav Romani families have been forced to live in two peripheral urban camps. In conclusion, Dr. Pickler will connect the first and the second part by showing heuristic correspondences between 20th-century urban governance in colonized cities, and the 21st-century urban governance of marginalized and segregated urban Romani communities.
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