A New Era: Germany After Merkel

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Germany After Merkel Panellists: Jana Puglierin, ECFR; Rafael Loss, ECFR; Marcel Lewandowsky, UF CES and DAAD On September 26, Germany elected a new parliament. With it a new coalition government will come to power and Angela Merkel will depart the political stage after serving for 16 years as federal chancellor. Who might succeed her? What will be the foreign policy priorities of the new government? And how do Germany’s European partners view Merkel’s legacy and Germany’s role in Europe? Dr. Jana Puglierin and Rafael Loss of the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) and CES’ DAAD Visiting Assistant Professor Marcel Lewandowsky will discuss the results and implications of the German vote and the expectations of Germany’s European partners toward Berlin and its new leadership. #JMintheUS
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