Pluto (with Director Q&A)

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EU FILM FESTIVAL In preparation for the upcoming 2024 EU Film Festival (January 19-26, 2024), the ESC and the French and Italian Departments will host a teaser film screening. PLUTO Writer and Director: Renzo Carbonera (with Andrea Pennacchi) A man wanders through the woods of the Alps. He lives in a former World War I fort and is haunted by nightmares and visions. He seems to have a mission to accomplish: he is the last agent of a secret society that over the years has prevented humanity from being destroyed by the mad atomic race. Or at least that’s what he believes. Franco Carling has served in military missions all over the world, has been injured in an accident and has lost his dearest affections because of the work that has taken him to numerous American bases in Italy and Europe, always in the company of the Bomb. Since the end of the Cold War, his points of reference have been missing, the enemy is no longer so easy to identify and the atomic risk has lost its strongest controller, the deterrence that was generated by the world divided into blocks. Now the Bomb has become his obsession, his torment and his only reason of life. FREE ADMISSION Writer and Director Renzo Carbonera will be present for Q&A. Renzo Carbonera is a versatile artist and filmmaker who earned his degree with a thesis on director Ken Loach. He's known for directing 10 widely-broadcasted TV documentaries and achieving international acclaim with his fiction short film "Hemingway’s Pen," which won awards at numerous film festivals. His feature film "Resina" also garnered recognition and distribution in multiple countries. Renzo continued his success with "Takeaway" and "Pluto," two more films premiered at prestigious festivals. Beyond film, he serves as an artistic director and writer for video games and multimedia projects, with "The Rude Awakening" receiving acclaim. Additionally, he's set to make his debut as a theatrical stage director with "Jitney," produced by La Piccionaia, a prominent theater production company in Northern Italy.
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