Virtual Briefings

The ESC’s Virtual Briefings provide up-to-date and in-depth reports on issues impacting transatlantic business relations. Using videoconference technology, top experts from around the world present comprehensive and detailed briefings aimed at professional audiences. Individuals are able to participate from their desktop, laptop, or hand-held computers, ask questions of the experts, and learn the latest news during the course of a lunch hour. Virtual Briefings require registration in advance and may involve a small fee.  Click on upcoming briefings below for more details.

Upcoming Briefings:
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Earlier Briefings:
Tuesday April 24, 2018
EuroForum: City Networks and the Pittsburgh Glasgow Project:
Faced with a number of complex challenges on a global scale, Pittsburgh city officials have cultivated networks of cities around the world to exchange best practices and experiences in the pursuit of policy-making that works.

Grant Ervin, City of Pittsburgh
Des McNulty, Glasgow Commission on Economic Growth
Lee Haller, City of Pittsburgh


Wednesday May 3, 2017   
Transatlantic Relationship After the First 100 Days:  The referendum on Brexit and the new foreign policy priorities of American President Donald Trump hold the potential for significantly altering EU-US relations over the next few years.  Broadcast from Florida International University in partnership with the Miami Jean Monnet Center of Excellence.

Mike Smith, University of Warwick
Alasdair Young, Georgia Tech 
Kathleen McInnisnonresident senior fellow with the Brent Scowcroft Center on International Security


Thursday July 14, 2016
Brexit Update:  On June 23rd, voters in the UK went to the polls and voted by a slim margin to leave the EU. The political and economic repercussions were immediate. When will the dust settle? And what will Europe - and the UK - look like when it does?

Jae-Jae SpoonAssociate Professor of Political Science,University of Pittsburgh
Tim Oliver
Dahrendorf Fellow on Europe-North America Relations, London School of Economics
Sean Ehrlich
Associate Professor of Political Science,Florida State University


Tuesday April 12, 2016
EU_US Privacy Shield Update:  “Safe Harbor” is gone, replaced by a new US-EU Privacy Shield agreement. What does this means for US businesses and protection of personal data?  

Ted DeanUS Department of Commerce, Chief Negotiator of US-EU Privacy Shield
Pierluigi Perri
University of Milan, Specialist in Advance Computer Law
David Thaw
University of Pittsburgh, Specialist in Law and Information