Graduate Student Conference on the EU

12th Annual Graduate Student Conference on the European Union
Towards a New EU
March 17-18, 2017
University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Since its inception, the European Union has been conceived of as a new kind of project – a supranational experiment involving economic and fiscal union, political union, and even cultural policy.  After decades of growth and expansion, the EU was hit by several years of recession and slow recovery and now faces its first significant episode of contraction with the UK’s exit. What is the future for the European Project? With both an on-going migration crisis and the great unknown of Brexit looming, what challenges does Europe face as an actor in global politics?  Will other member states follow suit in rejecting the European project (or aspects thereof)?

Center for European Studies at the University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill and the Colorado European Union Center of Excellence at the University of Denver
European Horizons 

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