Additional Resources for Teaching and Learning about Europe

Year of Politics and Memory (AY2019-2020) Film Screening, 2 April 2020:  The documentary, The Silence of Others (2018), follows the victims and survivors of Franco's regime as they seek state recognition of past war crimes and crimes against humanity in international courts. The film explores the consequences of state-imposed collective amnesia (Spain's Amnesty Laws).  Suggested additional readings can be found here. *Please note that additional materials and translations for the Spanish language cartoons will be available soon.


Resources from the Center for European Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Europe-related resources compiled by the Center for European Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. As part of their 2020 Europe Week (which was impacted by the pandemic), our friends at CES combiled a fantastic collection of resources, including a Europe Week Playlist, a European Film List, a virtual Swedish Coffee Break, Virtual Museum Tours, European Trivia on Kahoot, European orchestras, and a fun Virtual Scavenger Hunt (hint: you should know something about Tarheels in addition to Europe to win).  Check it out!

The CES has also compiled a number of helpful external resources, many of which come directly from the European Union.


EU Studies Center at the City University of New York's International Horizons brings scholarly expertise to bear on timely international issues related to Europe.


Virtual Visits to Europe

Tour Croatia's National Parks (Lonely Planet)


Coronavirus Response from the European Union, shared by the EU Council

Currently, the common focus of the Council and the European Council is on fighting the coronavirus crisis.  The four main goals are to: limit the spread of the virus; provide medical equipment; support research for vaccines and treatment; and support jobs, business, and the economy.  Below you can find more information about EU engagement in the fight agains the virus and its key actions: