West European Certificate

Academic Requirements:
There are four Certificate requirements:

  1. Language Proficiency
  2. Area Studies Courses
  3. A Research Paper
  4. Graduation with a graduate or a professional degree 

Language Courses
Three years of college-level instruction, or the equivalent proficiency, in one West European language other than English (unless English is not the student's first language).

West European Studies Courses
At least 18 credits of West European Studies courses or seminars, of which at least 9 credits must be outside the student's major school/department.

Approved Courses

Research Paper
An interdisciplinary research paper of 15-25 pages that reflects the use of materials in a West European language.  The paper could be prepared for a course, but students are encouraged to conceptualize it with the certificate requirements in mind and to consult with the Center's Assistant Director/Graduate Advisor while writing it.  The paper will be evaluated by an ESC affiliated faculty member. 

Students must complete all requirements for the Master's or professional degree or pass the preliminary examinations for the Ph.D.

Certificate Advising
In order to obtain maximum benefit for the program, students should meet with the Associate Director/Graduate Advisor to keep her informed on progress toward satisfying the Certificate's requirements.  She advises on the completion of requirements and on opportunities that complement the Certificate including funding opportunities. 

Please contact the Assistant Director, Steve Lund, with questions regarding graduate certificate requirements.