Conversations and Commentaries on Europe: Video Resources

ESC has online video offerings for select items from its extensive programming.  These resources are meant to ehance transatlantic conversations happening and enrich understandings of Europe here in the United States.

Resources can be used as classroom aids, out-of-classroom assignments, or as background for research papers.  Please provide proper citation of any of the resources used (examples below). Please let us know how you are using the videos! Send a message to with your stories. 

You can also watch our collection on the UCIS YouTube Channel.

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EP Elections: What's At Stake?
Conversations on Europe
40 Years of Democracy in Spain
Conversations on Europe
The Finnish Education Model: What Can We Learn?
Finland’s education system consistently ranks high in the OECD’s annual Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) study, prompting U.S. educators and education reformers to ask “What can the U.S. learn from Finland?” The ESC invited education experts to discuss this question and explore issues impacting student achievement in both countries.
25 Years of the European Single Market
Europe’s single most ambitious project for the economic integration of goods, capital, services and labor celebrates 25 years.
Peace in Europe: 100 Year Anniversary of Armistice Day
We mark the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day, the day fighting ceased in World War I.
100 Years of Women's Suffrage: Women in Europe Today
It's been 100 years since some women in Europe were first given the right to vote. How have women advanced since then, and what obstacles do they still face?
The Italian Government and Elections
Jae-Jae Spoon of the European Studies Center and Gemma Marolda of the Department of Political Science at the University of Pittsburgh discuss the Italian electoral process.
Virtual Briefing: EuroForum on City Networks and the Pittsburgh-Glasgow Project
Faced with a number of complex challenges on a global scale, Pittsburgh city officials have cultivated networks of cities around the world to exchange best practices and experiences in the pursuit of policy-making that works. Thanks to the support of a Jean Monnet Center of Excellence Grant from the European Union, the ESC highlights one such partnership in Europe and explores the ways that European and American cities work together to address today's "wicked problems."
Universalism in France
Kathy Ayers of the European Studies Center at the University of Pittsburgh and Sara Nyobe, Robert Morris University's 2018 Rooney International Visiting Scholar, discuss multiculturalism in France and her research on issues of identity in the workplace.
Elections in Italy: A Next Wave for Populists?
Vi invitiamo a discutere con noi delle recenti elezioni in Italia, e delle loro possibili immediate conseguenze. Prenderemo in considerazione i risultati, e il modo in cui le varie coalizioni si sono sviluppate durante la campagna elettorale. Questa discussione a videoconferenza sarà condotta in italiano, e vi offrirà l’opportunità di fare esercizio di lingua. È possibile partecipare di persona o a distanza.