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ESC has online video offerings for select items from its extensive programming.  These resources are meant to ehance transatlantic conversations happening and enrich understandings of Europe here in the United States.

Resources can be used as classroom aids, out-of-classroom assignments, or as background for research papers.  Please provide proper citation of any of the resources used (examples below). Please let us know how you are using the videos! Send a message to with your stories. 

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Creating Europe Through Crisis

The ESC and the European Union Studies Association (EUSA) collaborate to explore how several crises – including financial, Brexit, migration, democratic backsliding, and public health – have shaped the European Union over the past decade.


  • Catherine De Vries
    Bocconi University, Milan

-       De Vries, Catherine E., Sara B. Hobolt, Sven-Oliver Proksch & Jonathan Slapin (2021) Foundations of European Politics: A Comparative Approach.  Forthcoming with Oxford University Press.

-       De Vries, Catherine E. & Sara B. Hobolt (2020) Political Entrepreneurs: TheRise of Challenger Parties in Europe. Princeton University Press.

-       De Vries, Catherine E., Bert N. Bakker, Sara B. Hobolt & Kevin Arceneaux (2021) Crisis Signaling: How Italy’s Coronavirus Lockdown Affected Incumbent Support in Other European Countries. Forthcoming in Political Science Research and Methods.

  • Sara Goodman
    Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva

-       Sara Wallace Goodman (2010) Integration Requirements for Integration's Sake? Identifying, Categorising and Comparing Civic Integration Policies, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 36:5, 753-772, DOI: 10.1080/13691831003764300

-       Schilde K., Goodman S.W. (2021) The EU’s Response to the Migration Crisis: Institutional Turbulence and Policy Disjuncture. In: Riddervold M., Trondal J., Newsome A. (eds) The Palgrave Handbook of EU Crises. Palgrave Studies in European Union Politics. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham.

  • R. Daniel Keleman
    Rutgers University



  • Matthias Matthijs
    Johns Hopkins University

-       The Future of the Euro (co-edited with Mark Blyth), New York: Oxford University Press, Published Hardcover/Paperback 2015.

-       “Mind the Gap: Southern Exit, Northern Voice, and Changing Loyalties since the Euro Crisis” (with Silvia Merler), JCMS: Journal for Common Market Studies 58 (1), January 2020, pp. 96-115.

-       “Lessons and Learnings from a Decade of EU Crises – Introduction to Special Issue,” Journal of European Public Policy 27 (8), July 2020, pp. 1127-1136.


  • Jae-Jae Spoon
    University of Pittsburgh


Additional Resources on Brexit and Immigration:


The Scandinavian Model

The so-called “Nordic” or “Scandinavian Model” embraces both the welfare state and globalization and emphasizes society-wide risk sharing. Citizens in countries such as Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland exhibit high levels of trust in government institutions.


  • Grete Brochmann
    University of Oslo
    -       Brochmann, Grete & Midtbøen, Arnfinn Haagensen (2020). Philosophies of integration? Elite views on citizenship policies in Scandinavia.  Ethnicities.  ISSN 1468-7968. doi: 10.1177/1468796820950453 Full text in Research Archive.

    -       Brochmann, Grete (2019). Investigating Immigration and the Sustainability of the Norwegian Welfare State: The Role of Government Commissions., In Martin Ruhs; Kristof Tamas & Joakim Palme (ed.),  Bridging the Gap. Linking Research to Public Debates and Policy-Making On Migration and Intergration. Oxford University Press. ISBN 978-0-19-883455-7. 

    -       Brochmann, Grete & Dølvik, Jon Erik (2018). The welfares state and international migration. The European challenge., In Bent Greve (ed.), Routledge Handbook of the Welfare State, Second Edition. Routledge. ISBN 978-1-138-63164-9. 44. s 508 - 521

  • Frank Martela
    Aalto University
    -       Martela, F., Greve, B., Rothstein, B., & Saari, J. (2020). The Nordic Exceptionalism: What Explains Why the Nordic Countries are Constantly Among the Happiest in the World. In J. F. Helliwell, R. Layard, J. Sachs, & J.-E. De Neve (Eds.), World Happiness Report 2020 (pp. 129–146). Sustainable Development Solutions Network.
  • Christian Albrekt Larsen
    Aalborg University
    -       Breidahl, K. N., Hedegaard, T. F., Kongshøj, K., & Larsen, C. A. (Accepted/In press). Migrants' Attitudes and the Welfare State: The Danish Melting Pot. Edward Elgar Publishing.

    -        Larsen, C. A. (2020). The institutional logic of giving migrants access to social benefits and services. Journal of European Social Policy30(1), 48-62.

    -        Larsen, C. A., Frederiksen, M., & Nielsen, M. H. (2018). European welfare nationalism: A democratic forum study in five countries. In P. Taylor-Gooby, & B. Leruth (Eds.), Attitudes, Aspirations and Welfare: Social policy directions in uncertain times (pp. 63-91). Palgrave Macmillan.

    -        Larsen, C. A. (2017). Revitalizing the “civic” and “ethnic” distinction: Perceptions of nationhood across two dimensions, 44 countries and two decades . Nations and Nationalism23(4), 970-993.

    -        Larsen, C. A. (2013). The Rise and Fall of Social Cohesion: The Construction and De-construction of Social Trust in the US, UK, Sweden and Denmark. Oxford University Press.

  • Guy Peters
    University of Pittsburgh


  • Jae-Jae Spoon
    Director of European Studies Center, University of Pittsburgh



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Cementing the Boundaries of Frenchness

In a focus on France, the panel casts a light on the utopia of a color-blind French Republic.


  • Jean Beaman
    University of California Santa-Barbara
    - Beaman, Jean. 2017. Citizen Outsider: Children of North African Immigrants in France. Oakland, CA: University of California Press (open access link -

    - Silverstein, Paul. 2018. Postcolonial France: Race, Islam, and the Future of the Republic. London: Pluto Press. 

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  • Cécile Evers
    Pomona College
    -       2019 “Views from Within and Without: Youth from Marseille’s Housing Projects Enact Belonging Through Marseillais French and Arabic.” Journal of Multicultural and Multilingual Development. DOI: 10.1080/01434632.2020.1724121.

    -       “Alienated at Home: The Role of Online Media as Young Orthodox Muslim Women Beat a Retreat from Marseille.” In C. Cutler & U. Røyneland (Eds.), Multilingual Youth Practices in Computer-Mediated Communication (pp. 27-50). Cambridge University Press. (2018)

  • Zsuzsanna Fagyal
    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    -       Fagyal, Zsuzsanna, and Eivind Torgersen. "Prosodic rhythm, cultural background, and the performance of adolescent urban vernaculars in Paris: case studies and comparisons." Journal of French Language Studies, vol. 28, no. 2, 2018, p. 165-179.

    -       L’Accent des banlieues. Aspects prosodiques du français populaire en contact avec les langues de l’immigration. Paris: L’Harmattan, Séries “Espaces discursifs”, 2010.

  • Christina Horvath
    University of Bath
    -       Carpenter, Juliet & Christina Horvath, Regards croisés sur la banlieue, Bruxelles : Peter Lang, 2015. Collectif (dir) Nous … la cité, Paris, Zones, 2012 

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    -       Horvath , C 2020 , Literary festivals as Co-Creation? Challenging territorial stigmatisation in alternative ways . in Co-Creation in Theory and Practice : Exploring Creativity in the Global North and South . Policy Press , Bristol , pp. 155 . 10.2307/j.ctv161f375.15

          -       Horvath , C 2018 , ' Conceptualizing peripheral urban literature in France and Brazil ' , Romance Studies , vol. 36 , no. 1-2: Banlieue Narratives: Voicing the French Urban Periphery , pp. 46-62 .                  ISSN:0263-9904  


  • Jae-Jae Spoon
    Director of European Studies Center, University of Pittsburgh
Transatlantic Partnership

A roundtable discussion on the state of the transatlantic relationship in the wake of the U.S. Presidential Elections.

Cultural Diversity and Inclusive Community Building in Germany

In celebration of German Campus Week, this video focuses on the topic of cultural diversity in Germany and how the European nation has aimed to create inclusive community building. The virtual roundtable discusses successes, failures, and the future of Germany’s diverse communities.



  • Danny Choi
    University of Pittsburgh
    -       Parochialism, Social Norms, and Discrimination Against Immigrants (with M. Poertner and N. Sambanis) Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 2019. 116 (33), 16274–16279.
    -       Linguistic Assimilation Does Not Reduce Discrimination Against Immigrants (with M. Poertner and N. Sambanis) Journal of Experimental Political Science. 2020. Forthcoming.


  • Kai Unzicker
    Bertelsmann Stiftung


  • Jae-Jae Spoon
    Director of the European Studies Center, Univeristy of Pittsburgh
Race and Racism in the Early Modern Period in the Mediterranean Region

Event to launch the Medterranean Studies Certificates at Pitt.

70 Years of Creating Europe: United in Diversity?

In this first installment of the ESC's 2020-2021 series of virtual roundtables, we used the 70th anniversary of the Schuman Declaration as a springboard to discuss diversity within the EU. Our panel of experts traced the origin and current meaning of the EU's motto, "United in Diversity," exploring both its goals and its limitations.


  • Androula Vassiliou
    Former European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Multilingualism, and Youth
  • Johan Fornäs
    Professor Emeritus of Media and Communication Studies, Södertörn University
  • Susannah Eckersley
    Senior Lecturer in Media, Culture, and Heritage, Newcastle University
  • Michal Friedman
    Jack Buncher Endowed Chair in Jewish Studies, Carnegie Mellon University


  • Jae-Jae Spoon
    Director of the European Studies Center, Univeristy of Pittsburgh


Dr John Fornäs 

Dr Susannah Eckersley 

Dr Michal Friedman 



The Black Lives Matter Movement in Europe

Allyson Delnore of the European Studies Center and Dr. Mame-Fatou Niang, Associate Professor of French and Francophone Studies at Carnegie Mellon University, discuss the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement in Europe, with an emphasis on BLM in France.

Educator's Resource Packet coming soon!

Europe's Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Jae-Jae Spoon of the European Studies Center and Dr. Jessica Pickett, health economist and co-founder of Tomorrow Global, discuss the COVID-19 pandemic and how European countries responded to this crisis.

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European Studies Center Zoom Graduation 2020

The European Studies Center congratulates our 2020 certificate students!

Zeinab Abbas; Transatlantic Studies, West European Studies

Kari Anderson; West European Studies

Katherine Andrews; West European Studies

Keya Bartolomeo; Related Concentration in European and Eurasian Studies

Solookhuu Bat-Erdene; European Union Studies

Adelyne Bejjani; Transatlantic Studies, West European Studies

Madaleine Biache; European Union Studies

Tyler Bokan; West European Studies

Abigail Bultemeier; West European Studies

Gabriela Cadahia-Frankel; Transatlantic Studies, West European Studies

Gina D'Incau; West European Studies

Jennifer Dowdy; Transatlantic Studies

Melanie du Bois de Vroylande; European Union Studies, Related Concentration in European and Eurasian Studies

Alexander Giorgetti; West European Studies

Efrain Guirola; West European Studies

Joanna Harlacher; West European Studies

Madison Heebner; West European Studies

Artan Hoxha; West European Studies

Wanyan Ma; Related Concentration in European and Eurasian Studies

Varun Mandi; Related Concentration in European and Eurasian Studies

Daria Masalaitis; West European Studies

Aspen Narvarte; European Union Studies, West European Studies

Thayjas Patil; Related Concentration in European and Eurasian Studies

Luke Persin; Transatlantic Studies, West European Studies

Pranitha Pothuri; Related Concentration in European and Eurasian Studies

Alexis Reilly; West European Studies

Samantha Robertson; West European Studies

Hailey Roh; Related Concentration in European and Eurasian Studies

Thomas Schrembeck; Related Concentration in European and Eurasian Studies

Taylor Snisky; Related Concentration in European and Eurasian Studies

Claire Stacey; Transatlantic Studies

Hannah Wilgenbusch; West European Studies

Lauren Yocum; Transatlantic Studies

Julia Zenkevich; West European Studies