2022 Global Health Case Competition

“I not only met people from other academic fields and created a memorable relationship, but also learned specific knowledge in terms of global health and how to apply the understandings from other classes in a more realistic manner.” 

- 2020 Student Participant
“I was able to think deeply about medical issues globally and with my team, come up with an intervention plan. It helped me get over my fear of public speaking too."
- 2021 Student Participant
Pitt’s Global Health Case Competition is designed to give Pitt students from all campuses professional experience in developing innovative 21st century solutions and strategies to address a real-world global health issue. 
Interdisciplinary teams of 4 to 6 graduate and undergraduate students will develop a plan to address a scenario in a holistic way based on information garnered during a series of presentations by experts along with a comprehensive library guide prepared specifically for the case study. Each team will present its strategy to a panel of experts, with the top team receiving cash prizes and support to participate in the 2023 Emory Morningside Global Health Case Competition. 
Students participating in the competition have the option of earning 1-credit either at the undergraduate or graduate level (depending on their status.) In order to receive credit, students must register for the competition no later than September 7th. Students will then receive information for course registration (Course number: BCHS 2511-1001). 

The case competition is sponsored by the School of Public Health’s Center for Global Health, Global Health Student Association, the Center for Bioethics & Health Law, and Pitt’s Global Studies Center. For the last two years, Pitt’s winning team went on to place 3rd out of over 50 teams at Emory University’s global competition. View the 2022 first and second place presentations at Pitt’s competition here.

Oakland students are encouraged to attend all the following sessions in-person. Sessions will be available via Zoom for students from regional campuses and others who can’t attend in person. All students are expected to attend the in-person case presentations on November 11, 2022. 

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M. Najeeb Shafiq
University of Pittsburgh
M. Najeeb Shafiq is Professor of Education, Economics, and International Affairs at the University of Pittsburgh. His research on the social benefits of education, child labor, educational privatization, gender gaps, and social mobility have appeared in economics, education, and international development journals. He earned his PhD in Economics and Education from Columbia University and previously worked at the World Bank. He also serves as the Executive Director of the Comparative and International Education Society.

Registration is now closed.

Competition Schedule

September 30th, 2:30PM – 4PM  

1500 Posvar Hall

Opening Session, case reveal, and team assignments 

October 7th, 2:30PM – 4PM  

1500 Posvar Hall

How to effectively compile and present your case

October 21st, 2:30PM – 4PM  

1500 Posvar Hall

Case Study Country and Health Context presentation

October 28th, 2:30PM – 4PM  

1500 Posvar Hall

Project Management presentation

November 4th, 2:30PM – 4PM  

1500 Posvar Hall

Small group consultations

November 11th, 1PM – 5PM  

1500 Posvar Hall

Student presentations

For questions about this year's competition, email Elaine Linn at eel@pitt.edu