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About Us

The Global Studies Center promotes critical thinking and practical engagement with the world through the interdisciplinary study of globalization -- of transnational processes and the connections, divisions, disruptions, inequalities, and productive possibilities these processes engender across time and space. We foster innovative research, rigorous study, and thoughtful practice through our collaborations with staff, students, faculty, and community partners locally and around the world, creating diverse and inclusive spaces for intellectual growth and debate.


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Research Initiatives

We want to explore the ethical, epistemological, and artistic challenges of doing theory and history in times of profound global loss. Learn More >
The Global Studies Migrations Initiative asks how different forms of movement, mobility, and displacement might be studied Learn more >
Our Cities in Transformation Initiative (CITI) seeks to coordinate and catalyze research on global urban transformations. Learn more >
Defining the NTDs
GSC is sponsoring a workshop on the history of the Defining the Neglected Tropical Diseases Workshop on April 1st - 2nd. Learn More >

Upcoming Events

International Outreach
Global and international education is key to the development of responsible citizens in the 21st century. Learn more >
Career Toolkit
The toolkit series introduces students to a multitude of careers available by meeting and interacting with professionals in a variety of fields.... Learn more >
Apply for GSC Co-Sponsorship
The Global Studies Center welcomes opportunities to co-sponsor campus events that align with our mission and our research priorities Learn More >
Humanizing the Global
Public lectures and faculty workshops on ways of thinking humanistically about the global and globally about the humanities.   Learn more >
Interested in learning more about global studies topics? Want to continue educating yourself on important issues?  Attend a Course >
Ferguson Voices
GSC and its partners look to enable the consideration of events in Ferguson, MO in a global context to develop a deeper understanding of the events... Learn More >

Who We Work With

Global studies is a dynamic interdisciplinary field. Find out what makes our globally connected world work. Learn more >
Faculty and Educators
We offer faculty exciting educational exchanges and the opportunity to engage in important resesarch. Learn more >
Community Engagement
We're happy to support our community partners with resources, sponsored activities, and innovative programming. Learn more >