Past Event Resources

On this page you can find a list of previous events hosted or co-hosted by the GSC, and links to useful resources produced for or at those events.

Housing Summit
A program on human rights, affordable housing and urban development strategies.

Coevality Project
Global Ethics in a Time of Total Change. Does the Framework Contention on Climate Change, affirmed by 195 nations in Paris on December 12, 2015, signal a turning point in our ability to work in the common interests of all sentient beings and of the world in which we live? In our closely connected, yet highly differentiated, rapidly expanding yet deeply inequitable, politically divided global (dis)order, can this spirit of coevality prevail?

Climate Change Dialogue Series
A 5-part video dialogue series with international and local leaders of NGOs highlighting effective mobilization efforts to protect themselves from the effects of global warming and to promote climate justice. 

Global Dialogue Series
The Global Dialogue Series is a unique opportunity to trade thoughts and perspectives with fellow academics on the other side of the globe via live video conferencing.