Vibrant Pittsburgh


707 Grant Street,
Suite 2305,
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Region of Focus: 

With thousands of job and career opportunities available in the Pittsburgh region, many companies need help developing a diverse workforce. Through collaboration with and support of human resource departments, corporate recruiters, professional organizations and non-profits, Vibrant Pittsburgh is committed to bringing the best talent on earth to our region. Attracting a vibrant workforce is one thing; making them feel at home is another. Vibrant Pittsburgh is committed to creating a welcoming environment and making the social connections that allow newcomers to comfortably put down the roots that ensure they stay and flourish in our region. Be inclusive. Inclusiveness is key to both our economic growth and our cultural vitality. Our goal is to address barriers to the creation of a more inclusive region and more diverse pool of talent, consisting of different races, ethnicities, physical abilities, beliefs and sexual orientations. Our organization will be the catalyst for positive change in and around Pittsburgh. We are committed to elevating our existing workforce, as well as recruiting and retaining new talent. We will work with others a s necessary to educate businesses as well as community members to understand the power, importance, richness and vitality that diversity brings to our region.

Region of Focus: