B-PEP: The Black Political Empowerment Project



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The Black Political Empowerment Project (B-PEP) was launched May 21, 1986 to ensure that the Pittsburgh African-American community votes in every single election. B-PEP relies on the dedication of agencies, organizations, religious leaders, and committed individuals who donate incredible amounts of hours to uplift our communities and provide a sense of purpose.

We Are:

  • Advocating that ALL African Americans are registered to vote and that they embrace the mission: “It’s a LIFETIME COMMITMENT …African Americans VOTE in EACH and EVERY election!
  • Advocating that those in political office move to expeditiously and effectively meet the needs, aspirations, and concerns of the African American population they are elected to serve.
  • Recognizing the pivotal and powerful connection between a consistently high voting pattern in the African American community and its impact on the political process.

B-PEP has been fortunate to have received support from many area corporations and agencies, including the Heinz Endowments, the Pittsburgh Foundation, the POISE Foundation, the Three Rivers Community Foundation, and the nationally recognized Ford Foundation.

In addition to ensuring African-Americans participate in the voting process, B-PEP oversees the Greater Pittsburgh Coalition Against Violence (CAV), and the Corporate Equity and Inclusion Roundtable (CEIR). B-PEP is also a part of the Non-Profit Voter Engagement Network. 

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