Doctors for Global Health


PO Box 1761,
GA 30031, USA

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Doctors for Global Health (DGH) is a private, not-for-profit organization promoting health, education, art and other human rights throughout the world. DGH is comprised of hundreds of health professionals, students, educators, artists, attorneys, engineers, retirees and others. Together DGH builds long-term relationships between people and communities around the world to find effective solutions to social justice issues. DGH has a unique way of carrying out its mission, focusing on helping to make underserved communities healthy but in the broadest definition of health possible. DGH helps bring community-oriented primary care to the communities where it works, providing basic health services. In addition, DGH believes education is essential to a community's health, as is economic wellbeing and environmental safety. DGH also promotes human rights, which leads to self-determination, as a fundamental component of health. Furthermore, DGH interweaves the arts into its work, believing the soul needs nourishing as much as the body. DGH works closely with the communities which it accompanies in participatory investigation: being invited by the community, working with it to explore its strengths and weaknesses in health, establishing priorities toward better health, developing initiatives to address the chosen priorities and evaluating their success. DGH works side-by-side with community members as partners rather than clients or victims.

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