David Tenorio

(412) 624-5225

Dr. Tenorio's current research examines the representation of queer futurity as portrayed by contemporary artists, performers, writers, and filmmakers from Mexico, Cuba, and their diasporas in the United States. By employing participatory video, digital ethnography, performance studies, and literary analysis, Dr. Tenorio surveys the contradictory sites which allow queer artists to produce cultural texts within a normative structure, creating networks of dissidence that oppose a social binary of homo/heterosexuality. He argues that queer renditions of utopia propose alternative forms of establishing intimacy, fostering belonging and creating inclusive spaces for citizenship to those dictated by normative heterosexual teleologies of progress. Dr. Tenorio has been involved in various digital humanities projects (sexualidadescampesinas.ucdavis.edu; queerutopias.org), and has served as Managing Editor of UCD’s Interdisciplinary Journal on Latin American Studies, Brújula (brujula.ucdavis.edu). He has been the recipient of various grants and awards, including the Bejel-Gibbs Graduate Award, the Humanities Program Fellowship, the Humanities Arts & Cultural Studies Dean’s Fellowship, the UC-CUBA Travel and Research Grant, the Mellon Public Scholar Fellowship, the Professor of the Future Program Fellowship, the UC-MEXUS Research Grant, and the University of Miami’s Cuban Heritage Collection Conference Award. Currently, he serves as an Editorial Team Member for the Newsletter of the Caribbean Studies Association, and as Co-Chair of the LASA Sexualities Section.