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The Americas region has continued to play an important role in the growth of the organization since the founding of the Trickle Up Program in the Caribbean. Beginning in 1979 with the first ten businesses in Dominica, Trickle Up has provided seed capital to help launch or expand 23,620 business in the Americas alone. In 2001, Trickle Up helped start 1,780 businesses in eight countries: Bolivia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Peru. The Trickle Up Program welcomes interns and volunteers at all times of the year to assist with a variety of activities and projects. Trickle Up offers International Summer Field Internships. The Field Internship lasts from eight to twelve weeks between June 1-August 30, including six days of training at the Trickle Up office in New York City. The interns selected are responsible for transport and living costs in New York and in the partner country, and are strongly encouraged to seek funding from universities and other sources. . In December of each year, the Trickle Up Program posts specific projects for each international summer internship with selected international schools and also makes this information available on the Trickle Up website and in response to individual inquiries. Interested applicants should send an e-mail or fax to the appropriate program with a cover letter and resume.

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