Undergraduate Global Health Certificate

Undergraduate Certificate in Global Health 

The Undergraduate Certificate in Global Health is for students wanting to get equipped with the analytical tools and professional skills necessary to address our world’s most compelling issues. Students with a Certificate in Global Health will explore the transnational processes underpinning the global burden of disease and the social determinants of health, as well as related inequalities in access to high-quality medical care.

Students tailor a unique program of study based on their academic, personal and career interests, including 18 credits of coursework and co-curricular experiential engagements.

Upon completion of the students will be able to:

  • Understand the global burden of disease, social determinants of health, and treatment disparities from a transnational and historical perspective
  • Differentiate current research, programs, strategies, and coordination mechanisms that address these issues in a variety of settings, along with key organizational actors
  • Recognize the behavioral and cultural dimensions of health in myriad contexts
  • Appreciate how different disciplines approach these issues and apply one or more such approaches to a key question in global health
  • Critique different discourses on global health (e.g., medical, policy, anthropological) and communicate effectively about these issues orally and in writing to an interdisciplinary audience. 


To enroll in the Undergraduate Global Health Certificate, please click here and complete the survey!

Global Health Certificate Requirements:

Introduction to Global Health (PUBHLT-1001): All students are required to take this course. It is not required to take this course prior to taking other certificate courses. You must be a sophomore, junior, or senior to enroll in this course.

2 courses from the following (3 credits each, taken in any order):

Introduction to Biostatistics (PUBHLT-0310)

Contemporary Issues in Cross-Cultural Health (NUR-1829)

Cross-Cultural Communication (LING-1263)

Global Health History (HIST-0709)

Introduction to Epidemiology (PUBHLT-0330)

Introduction to Global Studies (PS-0550)

Introduction to Health Economics (ECON-0220)

Patients and Healers: Medical Anthropology 1 (ANTH-1761)

Sociology of Globalization and Health (SOC-0473)

Statistics in the Modern World (STAT-0800)

3 courses (9 credits total) from the Global Health course list. View the course list here.

Successful submission of a digital portfolio: 

This capstone requirement helps students reflect on, synthesize, and communicate their knowledge garnered through the certificate. The e-portfolio is similar to an online resume and can be shared with employers, and graduate schools.  Work on the digital portfolio begins with the first class as it requires reflection of coursework. To get started, read these instructions to get you on your way and visit the FAQ.  Students should begin building their own e-portfolio once they enroll in the certificate.

Follow the link here to request a template.

Instruction Guide for Digital Portfolio

WordPress Digital Portfolio Frequently Asked Questions

Portfolio Assessment Rubric

Global Health Digital Portfolio Examples:

Makenna Hadley ’21 (Nursing) https://ucisportfolios.pitt.edu/makennahadley/
Su Diler ’21 (Biological Sciences, Sociology) https://ucisportfolios.pitt.edu/sudiler/
Vishan Ramanathan ’21 (Biological Sciences) https://ucisportfolios.pitt.edu/vishanramanathan 
Amanda Jean Giamalis ‘21(Public and Professional Writing) https://ucisportfolios.pitt.edu/amandagiamalis    
Amina Chtourou ’20 (Neuroscience) https://ucisportfolios.pitt.edu/aminachtourou/
Nithya Narayanana ’20 (Bioengineering) https://ucisportfolios.pitt.edu/nithyanarayanana/
Katherine Rhode ’20 (Bioengineering) https://ucisportfolios.pitt.edu/katherinerohde/coursework/ 

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The Global Health Case Competition, sponsored by the Center for Global Health and the Global Studies Center, brings together undergraduate and graduate students from across Pitt’s campus to form interdisciplinary teams to gain simulated professional experience while  developing strategies to address a hypothetical global health scenario. Register for the Fall 2023 competition now!

Congratulations to our Global Health Case Competition 2022 winners!

The videos from top teams from the 2022 competition can be found here.

First Place: Jorge Gumucio (Graduate, Behavorial and Community Health Sciences), Sophia Sliter-Hays (Undergraduate, Microbiology), Brandon Lee (Undergraduate, Statistics), Shaharoz Tahir (Undergraduate, Bioengineering), Alexandra Lewis (Graduate, Behavioral and Community Health Sciences), Ceclilia Schiavoni (Undergraduate, Chemistry), and Luke McGonigal (Undergraduate, Natural Sciences)
Second Place: Annika Agarwal (Undergraduate, Anthropology), Arun Guduru (Undergraduate, Bioengineering), Vidya Surti (Undergraduate, English/Anthropology), Ajay Pathakamuri (Undergraduate), and Andrew Liu (Undergraduate, Biology)

In 2021, our Pitt team won 3rd place at Emory University's Morningside International Global Health Case Competition! Their presentation was titled, “New ERA: Indigenous Knowledge for a Sustainable Future,”  responding to the prompt to  develop a strategic four-year plan to reduce environmental heath disparities in French Polynesia.  A total of 40 teams participated representing institutions from around the world.  
The winning team comprised:
Mei (Seung Won) Baek (3rd year graduate student, School of Pharmacy); 
Chiayun Chen (Sophomore, Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences); 
Cassandra Morales (3rd year graduate student, School of Pharmacy); 
Hyun-Ji Sim (Junior, Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences); 
Mabry Smyer (Sophomore, Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences).



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