History and Mission

Our History & Mission

Cole Blaiser, the Center's first Director, wrote "The Story of a Center: 1964-2004, Latin America Invades Pittsburgh" on the Center's 40th Anniversary. This document also contains contributions from Carmelo Mesa-Lago, Mitchell A. Seligson, Billie R. DeWalt, Kathleen Musante DeWalt, John Beverly, Robert D. Drennan, Alan Juffs, Shirley A. Kregar, and James B. Richardson III.

The mission of CLAS is to promote global understanding through support for teaching, learning, and research in and on Latin America, the Caribbean, and the diverse disaporic communities of Latin America and Caribbean origin. CLAS provides faculty with the resources and intellectual environment to realize cutting-edge research, and students with unequaled educational experience and a solid path to a successful career. Through its community engagement programs, the center shares its resources regionally, nationally, and internationally.