As the locale for a wealth of resources on Latin America and the Caribbean , the Center for Latin American Studies is responsible for disseminating knowledge about the region beyond the confines of the university. In fulfilling this mission, CLAS develops, coordinates, and presents a broad range of outreach programs for the K-12 educational community, colleges and universities, the business and professional communities, and the general public. Outreach services and activities include: professional development/teacher training workshops (approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education for Act 48 continuing education credit); curriculum development for globalization; a school visit program; college/university seminars and conferences; a film series; a lecture series; a resource lending library; two newsletters; consulting services, workshops, fact-finding trips to Latin America for the business community; and an annual Latin American and Caribbean Festival. Faculty and students associated with CLAS play an active role in these endeavors by serving as speakers, instructors, and consultants. The “Directory of Latin American Studies Resources for Teachers" provides a comprehensive list of the extensive outreach materials that teachers and other community members may borrow from CLAS for use in clas ses or curriculum development.