Stream Two: Energy

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  • Research Exchanges
  • Continuing Professional Development Seminars
    • Spring 2019 (Pittsburgh) – Impact of EU Cap and Trade and Lessons for the US and Emerging Economie
    • Fall 2019 (Newcastle) – “Unconventional Hydrocarbons and the issues of regulation, planning, local power and democracy” 13 September 2019.  In collaboration with the ReFINE research group.  See more here.
    • Fall 2019 (Newcastle) – "The Potential Environmental and Public Health Impacts of Subsurface Energy Resource Exploitation" 15 November 2019.  In collaaboration with the ReFINE research group.  See more here
Conference: “Post-Paris Energy Transitions Worshop" Barriers and opportunities in EU member states and lessons for US states and emerging economies to achieve Paris Climate objectives. June 3-4, 2022.  Hybrid

Conference: “Subsurface Energy Resource Challenges: From subsurface undertainty to regulation and policy: Lessons from the U.S. for the EU” (25-26 March, 2020 - CANCELLED due to the pandemic).  Rescheduled as a series of videoconferences over the Summer of 2021.  For more see here

Conversations on Europe: COP 26 and the European Green Deal.  December 2022 virtual roundtable.