Internal Funding Opportunities

Global Studies Travel Fund for Students

The Global Studies Center is granting funds for students enrolled in the certificate or BPHIL, to travel to support presenting at, or attending conferences, workshops or symposium, or for conducting research related to their global focus. The funds are limited to travel in the United States and must be expended by June 30th. Learn more >

Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship (FLAS)

The FLAS Fellowship is a prestigious award that enables the recipient to devote full time to undergraduate/graduate study. GSC offers FLAS fellowships to both undergraduate and graduate students interested in studying: Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Hebrew, Persian (Farsi), Portuguese, Swahili, Turkish, and Urdu. Learn more >

GSC Tuition Remission for Graduate Students Studying Less Commonly Taught Languages

To encourage students to study a language deemed of critical importance by the U.S. Department of Education, the Global Studies Center is pleased to announce a supplemental tuition remission program available to full-time graduate students at the University of Pittsburgh. Learn more >

Global Studies Student Ambassador (GSSA) Fellowship, Information Specialist Intern, Publications/Public Relations Intern, Film Production Intern

The Global Studies Center is looking for students to fill the positions of Global studies Student Ambassador, Information Specialist Intern, and Publications/Public Relations Intern. Learn more>

Nationality Rooms Scholarships

The Summer Study Abroad scholarships sponsored by the Nationality Rooms Committees reflect decades of work by those committees to honor an ideal--education through cultural exchange. After their rooms were built, the groups decided to stay together to raise funds enabling eligible University of Pittsburgh students to study abroad, thereby experiencing another culture in depth. Learn more >

International Studies Fund

The International Studies Fund (ISF) is intended to help students at the University of Pittsburgh to conduct research on international issues or in international settings. “International” is defined as relating to another country or culture, comparative analysis covering more than one country or culture, studies of international relations or of transnational activities, or studies which examine topics related to global issues. Full-time graduate and undergraduate students at the University of Pittsburgh from all Schools and Campuses are eligible to submit a proposal, including international degree-seeking students. Learn more >

Study Abroad Scholarships

Students may apply to a range of scholarship possibilities to help defray the cost of a study abroad program. Learn more >

Newman Award for International Intergenerational Project Initiatives

The Newman Award for International Intergenerational Project Initiatives, supported by a privately funded endowment, is intended to defray expenses of international travel incurred by University of Pittsburgh graduate and rising undergraduate students involved in an academic project with an international intergenerational component. Intergenerational projects involve the participation of a community’s older and younger persons in planned, ongoing interactions that address a social issue confronting the community. These projects directly impact the health, education or overall quality of life of the community’s young and old. Thus, the award supports programmatic development (preferred) or research initiatives that enrich the lives of local people in a developing country. The award will not be granted for conference participation. Learn more >

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