Muslims in a Global Context: A Mini-Course

Muslims in a Global Context

Muslims in a Global Context is a semi-annual mini-course series for students, educators, and the broader community to learn from faculty experts and practitioners about issues of critical importance to the understanding of countries with significant Muslim populations. Each term the cluster of countries changes. In the past two years, three sections were offered covering Egypt and Northern African countries, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India and the Gulf States and Iran. Lectures are given that are both unique to the specific region as well as include general topics such as an historical overview, politics and policies, the role of religion in society, the role of women in statehood, education, economics and business development, US security and the region, and current cultural trends.

Students should register for these weekend courses as you would for any other course. Since weekend-today courses are offered jointly, students register for University of Pittsburgh or Carnegie Mellon course numbers, depending on their affiliation. Registered students are required to complete specified follow up assignments to receive full credit. While teachers and community members are not required to pay tuition, we ask that you register by contacting Veronica Drista at 

Current course offering (for November 3-5, 2017):

Previous "Muslims in a Global Context" Mini-Courses

Listed below are links to previous "Muslims in a Global Context" mini-course materials which anyone may reference. These archives serve as a powerful learning tool for those interested in the topic and will be updated as future workshops transpire.